7 Replies to “Why Did It Take Me So Long to Figure Out It Was Nikolai?”

  1. OMG! thats the cutest picture ever.
    hehe you go Nikolai, you’re cute.
    hahha so is Julian’s smile hhaha.

    I like it : )

    Happy Holidays to the strokes and the rest of yous. 😀 xo

  2. OHH!
    i forgot to give Albert props for coming to this lovely place called canada on my birthday in January.


  3. i agree nikolai kinda does look like ewan. but man i stared at him for so long and was like, “who the fuck is that man?” like really. i

    julian looks so innocent and fab looks so holy hahaha. but albert definately is the cutest, nick just looks scary, and ryan just looks like ryan.

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