Dexter Season 1 Finale: “The Truth Be Told”

Did you see it? Oh. Holy. Crap.

Discuss. Were your suspicions about some of the characters correct? What did you get wrong? What is going to happen next season!?!? As you can tell by all my punctuation, I’m in need of commiserating with my fellow Dexter addicts. Help me out by providing your review of this season’s ending. All must be examined and explained!


Unless you’re a nosy little bum…

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21 replies on “Dexter Season 1 Finale: “The Truth Be Told””

  1. when “rudy” went into dexter’s apartment and stabbed what he thought was deb, i actually gasped and put my hands to my chest. then when he pulled the covers back, i gasped again. that was a good scene (although i feel like i should’ve seen that coming). i also thought that “rudy” would get away, thus creating a plotline for next season.

    i never thought for one second that dexter would choose his brother over his “fake sister,” but i liked the fact that he was truly torn about it.

    next season there’s obviously gonna be a lot of stuff about his girlfriend and the people at work suspecting him…stuff with the ex-husband…i can see him maybe breaking out of jail and trying to kill dexter or his ex-wife and kids…or proving somehow that he was set up.

    this is *such* a great show.

  2. I only managed to catch the second half so I’m not sure how it was revealed that rudy was dexter’s brother. I think the overall theme of the show is how does dexter go from pretending to be a moral person to actually being a moral person and the finale had to reflect that. he had to pick deb because no matter what he says about harry betraying him, the code that harry installed is there.

    thoughts on next year? mmm…yeah definite set up for rita (will she or won’t she find out?) and also for deb. I think they’ve been hinting at a deb/doakes hook up (the dinner with his family, etc…) all season & if he’s dead set on stalking dexter, that could be a major hurdle in him getting closer to deb romantically.

  3. ahhh that was the best season finale of any show i’ve ever seen.
    laura and i knew rudy was his brother early on (or should i say had really big hunches) and it was pretty much confirmed on the previous two episodes (cos how else would he know so much about dexter’s childhood) but the way they let us know about it and the way/reason they were separated was horrrrrrrrrrible.

    i really have no idea what’ll happen next season. i said to my friend a longggggg time ago: “it’s strange that no one ever reports the murders dexter commits…” i mean, even though he kills “bad people” there are still people out there who love them who probably filed police reports that they were missing, and i think that may come up next season. also, they have rudy’s real name so if doakes just does a little research, he could probably find out that dexter had the same name as him and then it all goes to shit….but don’t forget that woman who always gave dexter the files said his dad got rid of his records to protect him, so it could be hard to get any real familial/historical evidence on him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he still murders countless people and the whole paul issue……am i the only person who feels bad for paul?? :/

  4. oh and even though i knew someone was going to die i never in 29384073894629 years thought it would be rudy.
    and finally: anyone think harry is not so cool anymore??

  5. was i the only one who thought doakes’ little “i’m watching you” hand gesture at the very end was totally cheesy?

    in addition to uncovering the truth about dexter, i could see doakes pulling another “bad cop” move (ala killing that shady hatian immigrant seller/hoarder guy, lying about who fired first, etc) and that would give dexter a legiitimate reason to kill him without breaking harry’s code. plus, if deb somehow becomes involved with doakes (which i could totally see), that would create a LOT of drama.

  6. i felt bad for rudy, i really did. i think dexter killing his own brother, who is also the only person on earth that understood him, will really F him up in the head.

    also, dexter had harry on a pedastal and now he’s realizing that harry did a pretty heartless thing by leaving rudy behind, and lied to him about his whole childhood. i think maybe dexter is finally learning to have emotions…?

    i think that i am going to have a dexter marathon on demand over my holiday break! just curl up on the sofa and watch ’em all in a row!

  7. I don’t feel too bad for Paul. I don’t feel bad for him at all. The way they set him up, whether or not he was using drugs, he was gonna play dirty with Rita and definitely abuse her again. So go Dexter! Nice frying pan to the face.

    You’re right Mondo Retro, I hadn’t even remembered Doakes shooting that Haitian military guy. I couldn’t quite figure out why that moment was in there ‘cept to show Doakes has a healthy retribution complex…which…and this is WAY out there, might actually make him Dexter’s eventual ally. Because while Doakes is not a sociopath, he didn’t exactly show remorse for killing that guy because he felt he deserved to die. And yes, I agree that the Meet the Parents ‘I’m watching you’ move was totally cheesy.

  8. how come the woman who gives him the files never gets concerned that the files she always gives Dexter end up dead a few weeks or months later? guess she really loves those donuts and hates her desk job.

    The Paul plotline is pretty genius though. Only adds to our conflicted feelings about Dexter.

    Who needs therapy?

  9. Definitely the best new show on TV since 6-Feet Under. Can’t even think of a better debut season finale. But my favorite scene was the Doakes-Dexter fight in the shipping yard. Not only has that relationship been so interesting because Doakes is onto him, but it’s also that he had been intimidating physically with Dexter. And in that scene, when they scrapple, and Dexter showed that he could literally kill him, that he was the one physically more powerful, it set us up for an amazing second season. Can’t wait.

  10. I only started watching after you raved about the show here. But i was quickly hooked. Such a quality show. I never saw the brother angle coming.

  11. I hope the second season follows the second book, in which case the Doakes and Dexter thing will get really interesting. If you haven’t picked up the books yet, I suggest you do. They’re just as engaging as the show. I couldn’t put them down.

    I wish they would have revealed Dexter’s secret to Debra. Though maybe she figured it out already, and they’re just saving her reveal for next season. I also hope that you are all wrong about the Doakes/Debra thing. Doakes has some major problems and secrets that Debra doesn’t really need after spending this season falling in love with her brother’s brother who happens to be a serial killer.

    As for Rita, if she does figure stuff out then she should thank Dexter for what he did. She would have lost the kids, plus, Paul was using drugs. Dexter revealed that when he broke into his hotel room, even if they weren’t “hard” drugs or anything near as bad as what Dexter set him up. Besides, once a junkie always a junkie, and he tried to rape Rita… Dexter could (should) have done a lot worse to him.

  12. I’m tempted to read the next book, but don’t want to spoil the season for myself either. Anyone think that this next season will be it since there are only 2 books?

    The massacre in the shipping crate made me sick to my stomach but it made the method of killing Brian and Dexter use an obvious result of that trauma.

    Two questions – Has Dexter gotten new tools after he dumped his overboard? And will the murderer of his mother become someone he tries to go after?

  13. I loved the show…all of em. Best ending ever to a season. I think Dex is getting feelings and I think Deb heard Dex is a killer. I bet she was awake on the table. Love you Dex…come bac soon!

  14. There’s going to be a third book called “Dexter in the Dark”, so maybe it can go longer than two seasons.

    I don’t see how Rita can find out what Dexter does and let her kids grow up around a serial killer, no matter how cute he is or how nice he is to her.

  15. I think this show/book is clever. Who would of thought a homicide detective adopting a child from a crime scene, then finding out about his uncontrollable impulses. He then turns it around to fight fire with fire. Wouldn’t it be cool if next season Dexter found Doake’s “To do” list and started frying the bigger fish. Say genocidal war criminals ? Oh I know the folks @ S.T. could really tweak that one.. If what has been shown in the 1st season is a prelude to the second, it will definitely make me think the second season will be just as good, if not better. Thank You Jeff Lindsay for the ingenious concept in your writing, and Showtime for giving it to everyone…

  16. Dexter is the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!

    I had no idea there were books, gota get em today. Great to know that there are others who share the same “twisted enjoyment” – this show has everything! I couldn’t find one person at work or in my social circle that enjoy Dexter. Dawna – I totally agree with you about Paul, he is such a loser, he soooo had it coming. Oh Yeah, also, Doakes is a total nut job, Deb deserves someone sane! I hope they stay professional friends only!

    Can’t wait for next season!!!!

  17. Early on, I was sure that Deb had to be the evil counterpart, inviting Dexter to play. But the fact that the Ice Truck Killer brought a body up from the deep ended that theory.

    But after Episode Ten, which I consider the real climax of the story (when Dexter remembers his mother’s death), I figured out all the rest. Rudy/Brian was Dex’s brother. There had to be another kid present at the mother’s bloody death. Rudy was luring Deb into a trap in order to bring Dexter to her side. Dexter would save Deb. Dexter would face the conflict of killing Brian/Rudy. I wasn’t sure that Dexter would kill his brother. That was my only uncertainty. All the rest was easy to foresee.

    But come on, you guys, This was the classic “Evil Twin” story that has been played out for at least the last four decades. Episode Ten was fantastic, but after that. the series declined into an almost standard cop show finish. Better acted and better filmed than most, but almost purely by the book.

  18. am i the only one who was curious about the whole dad thing? i mean, if the dad was still alive for all that time, why did rudy/brian have to pretend to be the cable guy to go over there and kill him? and why did the dad leave everything only to dexter and not both boys? and where was he when the mom was killed?

    i guess this is all just material for the second season…i can’t wait!!!

  19. I think that Dexs real Dad had something to do with his Moms murder. Maybe even did it, and didn’t have it in him to kill the kids? Maybe Brian (Rudy) was not his son. He may have stumbled upon Dexs real Dad by accident. I thought he was creepy from jump.
    I am sooo glad that there will be a season 2.

  20. I missed the very last part of the season finale!?!? ANd I didn’t understand how Dex & his bro got seperated..Can someone explain? What happened after the cops rushed in on the house on Magnolia while Deb was lying there? PLease let me know
    Thanks, APril

  21. I love this show! The finale was fantastic – at one point (when Brian stabbed ‘Deb’) I jumped so much my laptop fell off my lap. It was sooo sad that Dex had to make that choice though – seeing his emotions as he killed him was so sad (but good, I guess, as they were emotions!). It actually really upset me and I had trouble sleeping! I kept thinking ‘if only Rudy/Brian contacted Dex without the whole killing Deb part -they could have bonded with no need for Rudy to die!’. But, of course, that’s kind of missing the point…

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