Broadway Breaks Up with “High Fidelity” By Saying, “It’s Not You…It’s Me”

As you may remember, in August of this year I totally had a hissy-fit that Will Chase didn’t know what Other Music was DESPITE being the lead in the Broadway musical adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel, High Fidelity.

Well my hex upon the musical came to fruition: after only 14 performances, High Fidelity on Broadway is NO MORE. The last show is this Sunday, December 17th.

The musical cost a reported $10 million to produce, but it still is not the NUMBER ONE BROADWAY BREAKUP OF ALL TIME. It cannot compete with the astonishing the $17 million dollar loss of the 2002 staging of Dance of the Vampire, staring Michael Crawford.

In happy Broadway news, Duncan Sheik‘s project, Spring Awakening has now opened on Broadway to glowing reviews and the cast recording is now in stores.

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