Port Authority: So “Trendy”

This weekend I attended Jen Music Slut‘s birthday party at the bowling alley at Port Authority. I saw this sign in the hallways:

Yes, when I think “Port Authority” besides thinking “shady, dirty, sketchy” I now also think “trendy.” But truth be told, the brand new bowling alley IS quite trendy. It’s still not completely finished (there are boxes everywhere, and the main bar is still roped off–some of the walls are just sheetrock), but judging by what’s already in the alley, it’s a cornucopia of purple, gold, and brown colored seats, fancy tables, and CRAZY BEER TOWERS:

Yup, believe your eyes! A 5-foot tall beer pitcher, sold for 60 dollars.

3 Replies to “Port Authority: So “Trendy””

  1. OMG. That is INSANE. I’ll have to see this “trendy” new PA bowling alley to believe it. Did the prices go up accordingly?

    I used to like the fact that, when I worked on 42nd and Sixth, I could take a long lunch and get in a couple frames of bowling on slow days and the cost wasn’t too crazy. Now with all the hipsters and upscale clientele that five-foot-tall beer pitchers will bring in, I’m afraid an average Joe like me will be priced out of his sweet pin action.

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