Netflix Holiday Envelopes

When I got my Netflix DVD in the mail yesterday, I glanced and the back and saw a crayon-ish looking drawing with different religious symbols on a tree. I commented to myself, “Oh looks like they have kid’s drawings on there–must be some kinda children’s charity. That’s sweet.”

Then I looked at the caption, wondering what little boy or girl drew the drawing and how old they were. Then I saw this:

Ooohhhsnnaaap! I just totally dissed Leonardo DiCaprio!

Look at other celebrity drawings on Netflix’s site.

2 Replies to “Netflix Holiday Envelopes”

  1. Arts and Crafts: A bogus waste of time.

    DiCaprio: mumbles something in her ear
    Giselle: Shut up. I don’t need you spitting your arts and crafts in my ear.

    With art skills like these, I can see why Giselle decided to ditch his flabby ass.

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