Musical Moments: Kristin Chenoweth, Gearing Up for “Pretty Woman: The Musical”?

I have no other explanation as to why on EARTH the beloved pocket-sized Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth would wear over-the-knee WHITE hooker boots for a New York Times photoshoot other than the reasoning that it must be subliminal marketing tactic for a musical adaptation of Pretty Woman that she MUST be working on in secret. I mean, if I didn’t believe that, I’d just have to come to terms with the fact that she has made the most hideous fashion decision I’ve seen all year.

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3 replies on “Musical Moments: Kristin Chenoweth, Gearing Up for “Pretty Woman: The Musical”?”

  1. Excuse me? Those are not hooker boots. They are FASHION. Just because you don’t like something trendy doesn’t mean you should accuse someone as wonderful as Ms. Chenoweth of wearing something a ‘Hooker’ would wear. Wanna see hideous? Look at anything Pam Anderson wears., then tell me Kristin has bad fashion.

  2. Umm… are you looking at the same picture? I would KILL to have those boots. They do NOT look like something in Pretty Woman, so I don’t understand HOW on earth you are getting that thought. Kristin Cheenoweth is a wonderful, respectable, amazingly talented woman and to mke fun of her shoes…? That’s a tad low, dont you think? If you want to make fun of or bash someone’s style, go find person that isn’t as talented or brilliant as her. Or, you could be nice and not make fun of anyone at all.

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