The Worst Shoes On Earth

Seriously, who in their right mind is going to wear these? I spotted these potential fashion disasters while I was at Century 21 in Brooklyn last weekend. I gasped out loud when I saw them, and muttered, “noooooooooo!”, as I had seen similar shoes from a link Rachel sent me off of the Top Shop website.

I get sick just looking at them. Bleck!


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  1. what’s even worse is that these are a knockoff of these United Bamboo boots that came out last year…. for about $200. a friend of mine bought them and was so excited…. and all i could say was “what is the point of buying winter boots IF THEY HAVE A STILETTO HEEL ON THEM?”

  2. Who made you the fashion authority.

    Insecure social climbers who lash out as the fluff the hair out of their eyes are not…authority.

    Luckily I am secure enough to chose what is practical and looks good.

    I like them.

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