Sondre Lerche Update: New Site and New Song

Check out Sondre Lerche‘s brand spankin’ new website, and his video for “Say It All”, the single off his upcoming new album, Phantom Punch. In it, Sondre plays a virtual reality karaoke game. He chooses to be a 42-year-old male singing in his living room. Different strokes for different folks, I guess…

He’s also got a new blog entry that many of you freelancers will sympathize with. It’s about doing your own taxes.

Also, definitely check out the video for “Phantom Punch” directed by contest winner Kristoffer Borgli Thomsen, which is a totally rockin’ song and a completely different sound for Sondre. It’s probably the best Sondre video I’ve seen:

Sondre did his best slacker hipster impression for Ruvan Wijesooriya for the Phantom Punch press photos. Take a look:

Phantom Punch drops February 6, 2007.

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