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  1. i agree, although i thought she looked better in those photos than on the show…..i still hope she doesn’t win. eugena or caridee. ack i need a life…

  2. Melrose deserved to win. I didn’t like her at first. But Caridee, who I did prefer, just proved as the competition continued that she was a dumb blonde. Melrose deserved to win because she knows fashion, she knows what she wants; she had the drive to win it…everything led up to her winning it from day one. A bubbly personality and a likeable quality doesn’t mean Caridee deserves to win. Since when do extracurriculars have anything to do with who can do the job. That’s problem with people today. The reason you don’t like Melrose is because you think she’s stiff; because she’s mean and has an opinion, because she thinks she knows it all. But when you have the facts and data to back it up….flaunt it. Caridee that was a pity win…you can’t speak properly; you’re all over the place, you can’t handle the competition…everyone has a sob story. And I hope Melrose turns it around…ppl see what a wonderful model she is…just as Joanie was…..and rock the show baby…you don’t ANTM to tell you who’s the shit.

  3. I agree that Melrose was better fitted to be ANTM. She had all of the qualities that are needed from a top model. Sure Caridee can take great pictures, but can she do runway. Melrose can do it all. I hope that she can make it on her own.

  4. melrose should have won. the only reason caridee won was because the judges thought she probably would have commited suicide if she lost. she should have lost. she had a nice body but a weird face. she looks exactly like a couple other modles. melrose had a unique look and she was pretty. caridee has like natural bags under her eyes and she looked like a man. i was soo mad that she won. melrose is a true cover girl, caridee should remain the one behind the camera.

  5. does any one no a website on melrose to see what shes does with her modeling? like if she has done any photos and plus i think engunea however you spell name she was the true bitch

  6. THEY ALL SUCKED!!! None of them should’a won!! I SHOULD OF!!! hahahaha!!! vote for me, PEDRO!!!

    peace out homies!

  7. i defenitly know that melrose is a better, smarter, funner,preetier, and the best model! i dont know what the jusdes were thinking! there hasnt been one person to win antm that is knowlegeble in the fashion indastry,and knows how to rock it! its so sad sieng melrose lose.i know she wanted it and deserved it more! melrose has it all. and again,the bubbly, crazy girl comes out on top.will there be any time where a true, knowledeble, preety, girl who knows how to rock the camra and the runway win?antm….. why did u not choose melrose?i know u thought she was “reaheresd” but what do u acept from a knowledeblemodel?you cant balme her for rocking the show! even if the girlz were jealus……. it wasnt about making friends! it was about winning.


  9. OMG! she was a a awesome model but she wasnt THAT pretty and CAridee deserved it MUCH MUCH MUCH more then that little retartd!

  10. Melrose was the best…i can’t even watch that stupid show now. There was NO REASON for Caridee to win except for the fact the judges are idiots. Melrose did well the ENTIRE show and never blinked an eye. I really hope she continues to persue her career b/c she is an inspiration and role model.

  11. i hate that bubbly-country-fat-crazy-girl of fargo!! hate her! she messed up few times during the last 3 or 4 episodes.tore melrose’ gown and all.but the judges are stupid. i think all this while, tyra has been choosing the not so good winner cos she feels threatened by the new models.she didnt want to lose all the attention that ppl give her if the new winner is good. dont u guys think so? melrose won almost all the challenges and she took great pics too. she is the only contestant tht felt positive for every challenges given in the show.tht’s y she won most of the times. and she’s smart she understands the tasks. the other girls r just stuck up morons tht r jealous to melrose. jealous. thats it.its so obvious guys! not tht melrose stab thm frm bhind or what. and eugena is much more sarcastic thn everyone else.

  12. i loved melrose. she was the best she had runway skills, photography skills, everyone was jelous of her cause she was the best.. and they knew it

  13. i was sooo outrageously crazy mad when cari won. melroses pictures were amazing and i thought for sure she was gonna be ANTM.. she was soo pretty..whatever i dont know what the judges saw in caridee at all!

  14. melrose should have won.she was the prettiest,smartest,and rocked the runway!she even said she made some of the clothes because she was too skinny.i think melrose is so much better than cari.cari is a crazy,all over the place weirdo who,i have too admit took good pics but melrose is da best!cari fans such!haha no offense

  15. i am watching this season right now and MelRose is soooooooo much more bubbly and pretty. Caridee just seemed to stand out to the judges more. Melrose almost got out the 1st episode and after that she stepped it up. Eugena is who i thought was going to win because she was a lot like danielle a previous winner. I am very happy CariDee won, because whether it was her or melrose i’d be happy

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