This Week’s Obsessions: Netflix and Michael C. Hall

Despite being a nerdy blogger, I’m not usually an early adopter to technologies and services. This is why I have never had a Netflix account--until this weekend. Sick of those pesky late fees, I decided to step into the 21st century and sign up. Now all I want to do on the internet is look at movies in my queue, see if my movies have shipped, see what my friends have rated movies, and choose more movies for my queue.

Tomorrow when I open my mailbox, I’m hopeful that Hard Candy, Entourage Season 2, Disc 3, and An Inconvenient Truth are all waiting for me. That is if my mailman delivers my mail. He’s an evil mailman that I swear TRIES to trap as many envelopes and flyers as possible in the joint of the box, so I cannot get my mail out. Bad bad mailman!

Anyhoo…if you have any recommendations for movies I should see, let me know. Here’s my current queue:

Speaking of movies, they’re filming The Tourist down the street from me, and Definitely Maybe is back in midtown. I wonder if Ewan McGregor is around (The Tourist). Awww Ewan!

And as if anyone had doubted it, I am still in love with Michael C. Hall…I think I may flat out be obsessed. I’ve started watching Six Feet Under on Bravo just so I can see him.

8 Replies to “This Week’s Obsessions: Netflix and Michael C. Hall”

  1. Get ready for 2 weeks of good service. Thereonafter, be ready to get spat on by Netflix because you’d be considered as an “old customer” so you won’t get your movies in “1 business day.” Instead, you’ll be getting “4-7 business day” services and Netflix complaints of 1 out of 3 unreturned movies when you’ve placed all 3 in the same return envelop.


  2. Michael C. Hall also did a brief stint as the MC in Cabaret on Broadway. Yes, I got to see him in it, and YES, he was PAINFULLY SEXY.

  3. Having worked with Michael Hall on Corpus Christi, I have to tell you that not only is he a fantastic actor and completely sexy, he’s also very professional and extremely nice. I hope he has years and years of success because it couldn’t happen to a more deserving actor. And that can’t be said for everyone in the business.

  4. Carrie, you do not know Michael C. Hall??? I’m jealous. That is cool that you worked with him on Corpus Christi. He seems like a good guy, although I really only know his character, Dexter. He’s a fantasic actor, to ever meet him would be an honour. If you still have contact with him, make sure you let him know what a great job he’s doing.

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