This Movie Trailer Makes Me Cry

Perhaps I’m getting overly sentimental in my old age, but is it just me or does this movie trailer for The Pursuit of Happyness make you cry?

The movie is based upon the real-life story of Chris Gardner. I remember watching a “20/20” segment about his life a few years back, and I was totally moved by it. I hope the movie is just as good as I want it to be.

Oprah recently devoted a show to Will Smith and the movie:

9 Replies to “This Movie Trailer Makes Me Cry”

  1. okay i just watched the whole episode of ops (thank you youtube) and the part where that woman came out to thank chris gardner turned the waterworks on like woah. but i also cried during this week’s top model so i must just be emotional…………

  2. you gotta be kidding me about the trailer. will smith blows. the movie looks like other thousands of same dramatic american movies.

  3. dude, it’s just you. 😉

    remi and i have seen the trailer way too much.

    earnest will smith: “don’t let anybody tell you can’t do something”

    remi: “you can’t breath fire!”

  4. I cry when the caveman in the Geico commercial gets discrimnated so who am I to say this new Will Smith vehicle is another piece of crap?

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