Lily Allen Rips the NME a New One…I Applaud

Holy smokes. Although I think Lily Allen is a bit overrated, I do have to give some props to the lady for sticking it to the N.M.E. for not devoting the cover of the “Cool List” issue to the women who topped the list.

Frankly, that is a lot of bull, and Lily has a right to be a bit miffed, given the fact that NME have been making a big to-do about the fact that there are a lot of women topping this year’s list…but apparently they are not cool enough to put on the front of the magazine.

Everyone knows there’s sexism and stereotypes involving female musicians. Rock chicks are totally outnumbered by dudes, not only onstage, but in newsrooms, and in photo pits. There are great publications like Venus that make it their mission to focus on interesting and creative women in the arts, but the real hurdle to jump is getting people to give the same amount of respect and reverence to female and male rockers–on an even playing field. That means without the women being sexualized and lauded for how pretty they look, but also how well they do their jobs: Being ridiculously talented musicians.

Of course this is a constant battle–that men can be as ugly as sin (and even drug addicts, alcoholics, or worse) and still be successful musicians, but women have to keep up appearances if they want to survive/succeed. Off the top of my head, there are only a few women who I can think of that are allowed to be as crazy as they want, dress however they want, do whatever types of projects they want, but still comand a level of respect that people like Jack White are able to maintain. Those few women include Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Bjork.

In any case, I really have to agree with Lily’s slightly over-dramatic blog post on MySpace. Here are the best bits:

I was aproached by them [NME] again , with regards to the “Cool List Issue 2006” , five women had made it into the top 10 and, subsequently we (the women) were asked to pose for photos to be the main feature for the cover . As I said before , I vowed not to work with them again , but as the context was so important ie; a a strong female presence in music . I thought i might as well put aside my differences and do it .

I mean how fucking patronising ” you can still rock a crowd wearing stilletos ”
Is that all we are , stilleto wearing people , is that all he could say ,that we brought a ” new energy” to the music scene . Don’t make me sick, we’ve always been here you arrogant prick, this was your chance to actually show you meant it. And instead you put Muse on the cover. Cause you thought that your readers might not buy a magazine with an overweight lesbian and a not particularly attractive looking me, on the front . Wankers.

Seriously, do we really need another picture of Matt Bellamy’s mug this year? A man who was only the 27th coolest person in music? I think not.

Link from MV.

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  1. i agree with all these comments but i must say that Muse are an amazing band who to put alot of effort in their music and live performances needless to say they have been on quite a few front covers

  2. yall r crazy muse are amazing n the only reason no women in rock and roll has been on the cover is that not many are good apart from the geat Evanescence MATT BELLAMY N MUSE FOREVER

  3. how dare you insult matt bellamy and muse just because they good at what they do.They earn the right to be on front page of magazines; They are an amazing band that always give it their all and should NOT be ridiculed for doing so.

  4. 27th coolest person is a helluva lot better than being lilly fucking alen anyway 😀

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