YouTube Debate: If You Point to Your Right, Is It Still to “the Left”?

According to a recent New York Times article, Beyonce’s hit song called “Irreplaceable” is her “comeback” song of sorts–the under the radar track that has become the sleeper hit song off her second album, B’day.

I’m not surprised. When I first heard the song on the album, it was one of my favorites. I’d walk around the apartment singing the catchy phrase, “You must not know ’bout me/ You must not know ’bout me” over and over. (As you may remember, I love me some Beyonce.)

Those who love the tune, but also love debating will get a kick out of this video of Beyonce performing the song on the American Music Awards last week.

You will notice when B sings “to the left/ to the left” she points to HER right, but in doing so, she points to STAGE LEFT. Is that right, or is that wrong? Hmmm… this song is WAY more complex than I first thought.

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  1. i totally agree! i had to write about that album and i told the boyfriend it would be the hit of the album FOR SURE. then…it wasn’t. at least at first.

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