Happy Turkey Day!

Today is the day where everyone text messages me at 11am while I’m still sleeping. Their texts say “Happy Thanksgiving” but what they really mean is, “Please save me from my family and/or the people I’ve chosen to spend this holiday with”. Or maybe my friends are just enthusiastic about holidays before 12 noon.

In any case, I’m now semi-awake. Looks rainy out, so I’m sure that’s put a damper on the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and there’s a mystery beeping noise in the kitchen of unknown origin.

I saw Casino Royal last night. It wasn’t as A-MAZing as I thought it was going to be, I prefer movies like the Bourne Identity better, but it was pretty good and Daniel Craig is awesome and has crazy eyes.

I still want to know what happens in the 2 episodes of “Dexter” I haven’t seen (episodes 8, 9), but don’t tell me!

Gotta go put on my Sunday best…

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  1. there is a magical disk heading your way that contains the newest episodes. expect it early next week.

    oh and happy thanksgiving

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