Julian Casablancas: “Yankee Fans Are Kind of D*cks”

In the history of all-time great Strokes interviews, this one would have to be on the list just for the above quote. Jeff sent me the link to this great interview with The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas about…The Mets!

Julian discusses his love for Beltran, how messing up game 7, 9th inning would have “potentially psychologically wrecked” him, why New York fans are so intense, props to Arctic Monkeys, and Julian’s secret dream to sing the National Anthem at Shea.

Here’s a cute excerpt about Albert:

Y2K: Thoughts on Albert Hammond Jr.’s album [Yours to Keep]?

JC: It’s great. He’s my bro and I’m rooting for him. I like the album a lot, I think it’s cool. When you’re in a band it’s kind of hard to bring stuff that five people agree on, but it’s cool because he wanted to do this, he wanted to do his own thing.

I’ll tell you though, I don’t know how he does it, going straight from our tour to his tour, I think he’s gonna crash after this.


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  1. the comments by people after that interview are fucking harsh for a such a little light-hearted chat. julian is STILL the man. even in the first impressions era.

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