Is It So Wrong to Crush on a Serial Killer?

One of the other amazing things I learned about this past weekend was Comcast on Demand, which has to be the greatest thing ever invented.

On Saturday night we decided to stay at the apartment rather than go out to see Casino Royale in the theater (which I’m still dying to do). I asked our host if she had any episodes of “Dexter” on TiVo. Whoah nelly–thanks to Comcast on Demand, she not only had a few episodes of the crazy crime drama, she had ALL OF THE EPISODES THAT HAVE EVER AIRED. My mind was BLOWN.

I had first been acquainted with “Dexter” while joining in on some catsitting of an apartment which had it recorded on TiVo. Apparently the people who owned the TiVo didn’t really like it, because they stopped recording it after the pilot episode, but I LOVED it (which is saying a lot–because everyone knows I almost exclusively watch reality TV and episodic crime dramas) and was sad that I’d probably have to wait until it came out on DVD to find out what happened since I do not have Showtime.

If you do not know what “Dexter” is, get thee on the internets and start looking it up. In a nutshell, it’s the story of Dexter, who is a blood spatter expert for the Miami Police Department by day and a SERIAL KILLER by night. But don’t worry, Dexter only kills other serial killers. Totally creeped out yet? Well good, because this show certainly is creepy, but a good, morbidly fascinating creepy.

Michael C. Hall, who many people know as David Fisher from “Six Feet Under”, plays Dexter perfectly, acting on so many different levels. He’s incredible to watch. I gotta say, I never thought I’d have a crush on a serial killer, but Michael C. Hall’s got me on this one.

YOU MUST WATCH “DEXTER” STARTING RIGHT NOW…although you might not want to watch it at night, in the dark, by yourself.


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  1. Oh man, this is a great show. Everyone in my house is obsessed with it. Such a beautifully shot show as well. It is like a Gentileschi painting of Judith, horrible and beautiful at the same time.

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