My Favorite Thing to Do Is Go Shopping at the Mall

This weekend I was in Washington DC/ Maryland for early Thanksgiving festivities with some very special people and riding around, looking at all the monuments and tourists stuff in the car was fun, BUT the most fascinating thing I did all weekend was go to a regular ol’ suburban mall in Maryland.

Since I live in the city, I’m always really excited to have a car and to go to big huge malls. When we went to the Target, I almost had a nervous breakdown because they had almost the ENTIRE Behnaz line with every size available. I’d never SEEN so many specialty items in one spot. They even had the amazing black trenchcoat–and the only size available was an XS!! When does that EVER happen in the city?

Then I found this other store in the mall called Up Against the Wall, which totally BLEW MY MIND because not only did they have Beyonce’s House of Dereon line, but they also had the low-end Gwen Stefani line, Harajuku Lovers, and the low-end Heatherette line, which I think I knew existed somewhere in the back of my head. It was just funny to see them all in one place–I guess I never go to any stores where they carry that stuff, but I was fascinated by the fact that somewhere a Maryland teenager is walking around wearing Heatherette clothing.

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  1. Defiantly Wheaton Plaza. I think it has a different name now, but it will always be Wheaton Plaza to me. I’m glad the suburbs weren’t too mind numbing for you. Next time you’re down, we’ll dedicate some more time to low end shopping.

  2. Ha! That was my neighborhood mall growing up. It was considered the “ghetto” mall of the area so I always made my the trek to Montgomery Mall – the upper middle-class mall of MoCo.

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