Links for 2006-11-21

Barbie Doll & Tanner Dog – Wal-Mart
When Tanner has to go to the bathroom, Barbie doll cleans up with her special magnetic scooper and trash can.

digg – Barack Obama apologizes for being a cock blocker

Henry Daily Herald, McDonough, GA – Obama owes me an apology
It took me nearly two months of running into each other at various news events before I worked up the nerve to begin talking to her. And then Obama shows up.

Shopping Site Offers a Way to Raid a Celebrity’s Closet – New York Times
Now a new search site,, offers a shortcut for the budget-minded wannabe. The site, rolled out last week, relies on artificial intelligence technology to search images on the Web, and serve up goods for sale that visually match items on a shopperâ

Art, clothing, and music made by NYC locals

Mama Was a Riot Grrrl? Then Pick Up a Guitar and Play – New York Times
There is a developing under-age music circuit in New York, where bands too young for driving licenses have CDs, Web sites and managers.

UrbanDaddy – Sweet Paradise Lounge (New York City, NY)
The newly opened LES bar is the latest destination for hipsters and hipster wannabes alike, brought to you by the owner of the original on-the-cheap dive spot, Welcome to the Johnsons.

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  1. Re: the article about kids having bands, the Mudoons opened for the Raconteurs at City Hall in Nashville on Sunday. They were great! The lead singer (9 yo and freakin’ adorable!) had a lisp and yet he just rocked it out. It was really fun to see this little kid who had moves like he’s an 30 year old seasoned rock star. I half-expected 4 or 5 eight-year-old girls in Limited Too miniskirts and Juicy tops to be following him around.

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