Sooooooo Nice: The Men About Town See the Cinematics

Last night I headed over to Rebel, which is *gasp* midtown east, making it my second night in a row in that neighborhood–which is kinda like a nightmare of mine. But I sucked it up in order to see the great Scottish band, The Cinematics, who I have gushed about 10x over on this site.

Have you ever gotten into a situation where the first time you saw a band you SOOOO LOVED them and then the next time you saw them you felt stupid because for some reason they weren’t nearly as good as you remember them being? I have, so I was a little nervous to see the ‘Matics again for this very reason. But luckily for me, they still had the magic I distinctly remember. Lead singer Scott Rinning (below) is still as dishy and sings just as angelically as I remember.

The whole show I was STILL contemplating why the Cinematics aren’t superhuge already. Maybe all that will change once their first full length album comes out next year. I think TV networks and movie studios should be tripping over themselves to pay the band to use their song “Chase” for an opening credits sequence or trailer. So epic, so pretty.

Whilst there I met some lovely Scottish friends of my friend Sarah. They were visiting New York from Glasgow and Edinburgh, two cities I’ve actually been to! They called themselves “The Men About Town” and they talked at length about all the cool places and people they had been carousing with during their stay. They also kept insisting everything was “Sooooooooooooo nice”, but since they were Scottish it sounded more like “Seuuuuwwwwww nice”. Example, “Nelly Furtado–seuuuuwwww nice!” “Fran Healy from Travis, what a nice man. Seuuuuuwwww nice!” It was pretty hilarious after a while.

Martin, one of The Men About Town, said that he would be “seuuuuuwwww happy” if I put a photo of him up on my website. Then Alan, the other Man About Town said the same. So I took a photo of both of them with the hustle and bustle of MSG in the background. I don’t think they believed me when I said I would put their photo up, but here they are!

Hope you guys have a safe trip home tomorrow.

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  1. HAHAHHAHAHAH this is soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. i love it! ps you’re not getting anything from topshop from me cause i didn’t get a photo essay type request from you. sozzerskates. a magnet will have to do 😉

  2. ahh i know those boys. they’re SOOOO NICE. i don’t know how you understood anything they said though…
    hey, how come you never put a pic of sarah and i up? huh? huh?? geez. we go on trips with you and buy you things from topshopz and still…nothing.

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