Links for 2006-11-16

How to Make Your Web Site Sing for You – New York Times
A site must have addictive content, said Vincent Flanders, a Web design consultant in the Seattle area who is the creator of, a site that analyzes why some pages do not work. “People must be willing to crawl through a sewer for it.â

Rolling Stone Rock and Roll Daily » Blog Archive » Panic! At the Disco: Too Big for Their Britches
For young rock hopefuls, Panic! at the Disco dispensed a valuable lesson in Rock Performance 101 at the Madison Square Garden Theater last night: One year of touring does not a good live show make

Panic! attack turns concert into circus –
The whole tableaux could best be described as Tim Burton directing Civil War ghosts in a high school production of “Moulin Rouge!” It was overblown, overstuffed, mercilessly theatrical and thoroughly ridiculous, but the band commits to the spectacle with

Panic! at the Disco – Music – Review – New York Times
And then there is Panic! at the Disco, a young band whose members took matters into their own hands. They don’t need outside theater companies or choreographers. They were circusized at birth.

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  1. The Rolling Stone blog post looks suspiciously similar to the NYTimes review.

    someone’s been plagiarizing…

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