Has Demetri Martin Jumped the Shark by Getting Into Bed with Microsoft? Clarification on “Clearification” Marketing Campaign

I have to take a break from the White Stripes/ Jack White/ The Strokes posting marathon to talk about this link that birthday girl Fotini sent me. If you weren’t aware, I LOVE comedian Demetri Martin. I have never laughed harder than when I saw him do his “These Are Jokes” show in Greenwich Village in 2005.

Now you too can experience the super-funniness from the comfort of your very own home because Demetri has released a CD/DVD of that show. If it ever stops raining, I plan on running out to the shops and purchasing it.

Demetri has also been hard at work as the new “face” of Microsoft Vista. (Demetri and “Mac guy” Justin Long can have a fight to the death of the hottie comedian electronics (double) hawker.)

When I first saw the Clearification website, I just thought it was Demetri’s new project. But I did wonder why the videos were of such high production value. Turns out that Microsoft is footing the bill to not only this site, but are also underwritting his current tour.

At first I was kinda pissed off that many people writing about the Clearification site think that the content was specifically created for Microsoft. I had seen the same material performed by Demetri at a workshop show this year at the Upright Citizens Brigade, “Dr. Earnest Parrot presents…” But after reading this interview, Demetri fesses that the Vista Clearification campaign was created in March of LAST YEAR. Hmmm… so which came first, the jokes or the Microsoft campaign?

The site and material is pretty funny, and it’s crazy to see Demetri’s shows come to life in real, live action movies, and it’s great that Demetri’s getting some super-funding for his comedy, but I’m not sure how I feel about browsing a Microsoft marketing tool.

The Chicago Tribune recently interviewed Demetri, asking questions about his Mac/PC preference, why Dave Letterman is a jerk, and his feelings about the term “hipsters”. Some samplings from the article:

Q. Be honest. Before the Microsoft deal, were you a Mac guy or a Windows guy?

A. Actually, way back, I was a Tandy guy. I started as a Commodore guy, then I was a Tandy guy, then I was a Mac guy, and then in all my day jobs I was always a non-Mac guy. So now I’m a Windows Vista guy. I’ve covered the whole landscape.

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