Aluminium Album Now On Sale

XL has started selling the avant garde orchestral recordings of music written by Jack White of The White Stripes, called Aluminium. The limited edition of 3,333 copies are being sold exclusively from the official site.

The project was conceived by the founder of XL Recordings, Richard Russell, who co-produced the album with the renowned composer and arranger Joby Talbot.

The LP format iwas packaged with the same artworked cards as the CD, but also includes a signed 10 inch square section of silk screen print by Rob Jones. All 999 copies have sold out.

After listening to the album, I gotta say, for real WS fans it’s worth spending the cash to own this album. The arrangements sound beautiful and after listening to it, you kinda wish that Jack and Tim Burton would work on a movie together. The WS songs sound emotional, lush, and a little bit strange.

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  1. I bought the CD the same day the website started the pre-order…. can’t wait to receive it…. later I realized it was 15.33 british pounds… not american dollars…. dough!!!


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