What Will Become of the Detroit Music Scene?

It’s weird–just YESTERDAY I was talking about how both the New York City and Detroit music seemed to have died down since the recent heyday of 2000-2003. So it’s funny that I just happen to stumble upon this article in the Metro Times. It seems as though there’s a new movie called It Came from Detroit, which explores the garage rock scene in the D, how it was obscure to begin with, then gained world-wide exposure with the success of The White Stripes, then fell back into obscurity with Jack White’s move from Detroit to Nashville.

The movie had it’s premiere in Detroit on October 27, with local legends, The Dirtbombs, performing at the party.

Watch the movie trailer on the official site.

5 Replies to “What Will Become of the Detroit Music Scene?”

  1. I often find myself reminiscing about the good old days of 2002-2003 when all the music seemed so exciting….

  2. same here.

    also: i think the whole point of it came from detroit was the fact that jack white wasn’t the scene.

    i saw it! i wonder what people who aren’t from detroit are going to think.

  3. Yeah, but Detroit continues to rock. There’s excellent new stuff from old favorites PAS/CAL and Blanche coming in early 2007, and newer bands like Ghost City, Johnny Headband, and the Hard Lessons are also coming up and getting some recognition.

    Jack did a lot to promote the local scene and it’s a shame he’s gone, but the White Stripes were kind of an outlier in the Detroit scene anyway. So see the movie. Maybe even come over and pay us a visit. There always has been and always will be great music in Detroit, even without Mr. White.

  4. I think michigan goes through crazy fast scene changes with little periods where it recreates nostalgia. Unfortunately, though, there’s a lot of new and original music that seems to get overlooked because it doesn’t fit in with the nostalgia or it doesn’t sound good when you’re drunk and on coke. Just a thought.

    Tyvek is good, Kocho Bisexual is good, though I think i misspelled it. Then there’s Benny Stoofy, the most awesome-est thing going on.

    I think that losing a couple stars don’t make no nevermind, cuz they weren’t an integral part of the constellation were they?

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