5 Replies to “Links for 2006-11-03”

  1. In regards to you DD brekafast sandwich… I once asked for a plain cleeseburger (i.e. no condiments) from McDonalds and they gave me a hamburger WITH condiments.

    There is no logic in fast food.

  2. maybe if you didn’t have that silly reykjavik accent, the poor bastard could’ve guessed better.
    just saying…

  3. Valerie, I get the same crap when I ask for a plain cheeseburger. I either get just a meat patty on a bun or all the condiments and no cheese, which both defeat the purpose of me asking for a plain CHEESEburger.

    I don’t get what can be confused about it, either.

  4. you should have gotten the breakfast dog, it’s so tasty. all the kids are getting them.

    the fast food market is a racket. they’re blood sucking monsters. they don’t care about you and your sausage struggle and they dont even understand who you really are, nor wilt they ever. they can’t even begin to understand who you are and what you need as a sausage AND egg lovin breakfast fan.

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