Links for 2006-10-31

My Chemical Romance – Angels and Airwaves – Killers – Music – Report – New York Times
By saying they want to be important, groups like My Chemical Romance and The Killers are also saying they want to be popular.

Ghost Media: Getting Some Feeling Back: The Iceland Airwaves Edition
Well, so much for the daily blogs from Iceland Airwaves 2006. I tried. I honestly tried. There’s just something about the city of Reykjavik that keeps me wrapped up in a state of perpetual bliss.

Think Progress » Bush says he uses “the Google.”
President Bush loves him some Google Maps

Captain Underpants costume foils students school fun –
Long Beach high school students Ashley Imhof, Eliana Levin and Chelsea Horowitz were kicked out of school for dressing like Captain Underpants during Superhero Day at school

NME.COM – News – Jack White joins The Rolling Stones!
The White Stripes Jack White, Christina Aguilera and Buddy Guy all joined The Rolling Stones onstage at their New York City theatre show last night (October 29).

Umbra ‘magino’ Stool By Karim Rashid – Umbra – Karim Rashid – Home Furnishings – Unica Home
designed by karim rashid for umbra, this low stool has a stunning appearance and doubles as a magazine rack.