Laura Sees David Frick, We See Karen O.

It’s official. Mike and I are commandeering this site. We are taking this site back to its roots of rock and roll and brit-pop and away from the pop stylings of such individuals as Justin Timberlake. From now on this site is about Lily Allen and other cute girls with British accents. We kid, we kid.

As you may know, Laura is having the time of her life over in Iceland. Nothing much is happening here in New York -, she’s only missed two of her favorite bands playing small venues in the span of three days. Tonight we report from the Rolling Stone Magazine 40th Anniversary at the Bowery Ballroom with Celebration opening and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs headlining. We will let the photos do the talking.

FULL SETLIST: Our Time / Honeybear / Pin / Phenomena / Gold Lion / Wayout / Art Star / Cheated Hearts / Miles Away / Warrior / Maps / Turn Into / Date / Y Control (by audience request) and Date with the Night – thanks Matt.

You can check out more photos at my flickr

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4 replies on “Laura Sees David Frick, We See Karen O.”

  1. really killer set by the yeahs. i see wayyyy too many bands just phone it in when they play events like this, but the yeahs put on a mthfkng show! never seen a bad gig from these cats yet.

  2. Thanks. I shoot with a Nikon D80. Tend not to use flash unless it is extremely dark. In this case, I didn’t use flash.

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