Lily Allen @ Hiro: Speaking to Us Through Her Jewlery, But Not Saying Much Else

Last night I headed over to Hiro Ballroom to catch Lily Allen’s first ever performance in the US. It was a crowd full of docile-looking girls-next-door up in the front, hovered over by 20-something male record store clerk-types.

As soon as Lily hit the stage, you could tell in most of their faces that they seemed to all be holding a torch for the petite 21 year old. The rest of us were politely waiting to see if the little songstress that could would measure up to her enormous hype–or at the very least, to see if she was as annoying as her blinking MySpace profile.

Wearing the same black and white sleeveless dress that she recently wore on Jonathan Ross with sky-high white open-toed heels, and sporting a high long ponytail with her signature pile of bangs, she looked like a 50’s housewife meets pep rally cheerleader as she opened the show with her hit, “LDN”.

lily allen

In a set as diminutive as Lily herself, the show barely lasted 40 minutes, with Lily rolling through 7 (?) songs in her regular set and returning for the encore. She of course played her other hit, “Smile”. Watch the video below:

At first I thought she was going to sing a whole load of other songs because one of her stage managers taped up two pieces of paper onto her monitors, but then I realized it wasn’t an extended set list–it was the lyrics to “Alfie”!

Ok, seriously, what is up with English pop stars and all their chavvy bling? It’s like they all have some kind of disease they have, isn’t it? Clearly Lily hasn’t reached the status of Mikey Skinner (who sports diamond encrusted gear), as she was head to toe gold, but not an ice cube was to be found. To all the people who think Lily is some kind of pioneer of fashion with her hula hoop-sized earings and oversized gold necklaces, I have news for you: Puerto Rican girls from the Bronx have been doing that since the beginning of time (true), but no one is running round calling them the arbiters of high style. Does that mean boys/girls who have crushes on Lily are also inherently attracted to Jenny from the block? Because they just about have the same exact style points going on.

Gotta shuffle off right now, but more later…I’ll deconstruct her jewlery choices (Star of David, holllaaaa???).

But for now, some thoughts (both positive and negative) from my friends in the Sphere of Blogs: Jerry “Me Like P0rn” Yeti, Brooklyn “Ghostlike” Vegan, Heart “Is Meatier than Food” on a Stick, Stero-“Where the hell was Amrit?”-gum, and Sara “No Longer a Manic Mess” Cardace for NY Magazine.

lily allen

Watch Lily on Jonathan Ross:

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  1. oh no… i look like the girl next door! eww, rough…

    It was ok for a first showing in New York. I know many bands get psyched out because the room tends to be filled with industry people and critics and few fans.

    I think she has a great voice but I had a sneaking suspicion she was singing along to recorded soundtrack. sometimes, her lips did not match the words coming out.

    it could have been longer but she does not have much material. i will see her again in a few months and see if she got over her newness.

    what was really great about that show was Mark Ronson! Billy Bragg with dance hall beats.. What nerve! and it worked.

    Dominoe was good. great to see the guys from dopo yume still playing….

  2. Lily didn’t keep it trilly enough for you, Laura?

    Sounds like someone needs a hug from a random stranger.

  3. It’s just a blog, Laura…go ahead out on a limb and provide some editorial opinion. Too much to ask?

  4. Puerto Rican and BLACK girls were sporting big hoops like that (and nameplate jewelry) over 20 years ago. It made me vomit when, after Sarah Jessica Parker wore nameplate hoop earings on Sex in the City, everyone called it a fashion statement. Cunt wardrobe designer lifted that look straight off the streets — but did she give the ghetto girls credit. OF COURSE NOT. I hate that.

  5. Okay, so you hate Lily, we get it.

    Good god, she’s wearing a dress that she’s worn before!

    And she’s noty singing songs from her second album yet – what a sell out!

    Sorry, I may be being a tad sarcastic.

    As for the excessive brit-bling comment, has anyone else noticed that ever since Mike Skinner got money in his pocket he’s been boring as hell? So what if Lily’s wearing some Ratner-esque shininess?

  6. hi i am lily allens biggest fan and dont say any 1 else is coz il beet them lol and if lilys there hi and i would love to meet you

  7. I posted the full review on my site, but had to report back… In short, she didn’t know her own songs, she looked cute as hell and the few songs she did know gave the audience a little taste of the star she’s destined to be once she LEARNS THE WORDS TO HER OWN FUCKING SONGS! It was cool seeing her perform, but I was so bummed out about her looking down most of the time. She did have a great band though.

  8. ~~ Lily is 21 and was next to nobody last January!! Cut the girl some slack! Sure, she is the “It” girl right now, but she has a chance to grow into quite an interesting little artist, in a pop way, of course… I think her voice is fresh and imminently listenable…
    ~~ And anyone who thinks she was lipsynching is an idiot.

    my 2p..

  9. i think shes good, all the songs on the album are great. i also like her style – songwise and clothwise.

  10. lily is way cool ma fave $inger in da world!!!!
    she realy inspires me…
    when i grow up i wanna b just like her !!!
    lilyz gr8

    from JADE


  12. Lilly Allen is not talented, Lilly Allen is not intelligent, Lilly Allen is not “from LDN Town streets”

    What Lilly Allen is, is another product of uppder middle class britain and their psuedo culture. In America many people expressed disdain about white suburban youths imitating black culture, in Britain, we have this problem. “Chavs” or “Scallies” or “Spides” tend to be from lower class backgrounds, and the middle classes, having no percievable culture of their own, other than golf and for mondeos, have picked up on this. Mainly due to teenage rebellion.

    Its a scourge, and anyone i decree guilty of it should be sentenced to hanging…. This will come into effect when I’m elected to the office of Supreme Overlord.

    Lilly allen’s music is repititve, offensive, and anyone who tries to forge a career by “slagging off” other, more successful artists, its not worthy of media attention.

    In regards to her remarks regarding Radiohead’s “In rainbows” project, it was a stroke of genius that was designed to show respect to music fans, something that Thom and the boys had been planning to do for several years before the record company permitted it, on the ground that its cd release was to have a set price.

    death to Lilly Allen….

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