9 replies on “First Rule of Jack White’s House…”

  1. I love how pissed people got about that post. Some people are obsessive and will hunt down where he lives anyway. Poor guy will live with that forever, sadly its inevitable with fame. People need more tact these days.

  2. “People need more tact these days.”

    Including the blogger. It may be public record, but he just made it easier for the nutters and the way he welcomes the publicity from rs is lame.

  3. ehh…people getting up in arms over this don’t understand how things are in Nashville. There are lots of “celebrities” with big houses all around but no one really bothers them. Plus, in Nashville, Jack White is not at the same level of celebrity as a country music singer. It’s really not that big of a deal, although a street address might be crossing the line.

  4. I just wanted to weigh in with my vote of: creepy.

    If anyone’s ever witnessed the foaming-mouthed fans who live online at the “littleroom” or whatever, it’s clear that a few are pathologically obsessed with the man. And I’m sure all it takes is one chick in striped tights hiding in your bushes to make you want to start packing up the breakables again.

  5. Wouldn’t it be cool if all the fans piant their door red? He better make a song now “paint it red”. Is it true there is going to be a duet with Reese Witherspoon and Brendan Benson in Nashville? COOL art imitating life or is it life imitating art?? He’s great and I like that Kenneth Branaugh look he has now.

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