Indie Rock or William Hung?: The Killers

I developed a phrase after seeing Okkervil River perform at Clinton Castle as part of the River to River festival this summer:

“There is a fine line between indie rock and William Hung.”

After watching The Killers’ performance on SNL from this weekend, I have to ask a related question, was that more indie rock or more William Hung? [Video link via the ‘Gum]

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14 replies on “Indie Rock or William Hung?: The Killers”

  1. william hung. what do you get when a bunch of neo-nu-wave guys who somehow make it to arenas decide to actually start making arena rock? crap. you get crap.

  2. oh god. the vocals were terrible. yuck.
    get rid of the mustache and put the eyeliner back on already!

  3. william hung. i never really liked the killers all that much and this just reaffirms my lack of appreciation.

  4. William Hung definitely…and in defense of Miss Modern Age, I’m no fan of Fall Out Boy at all, but at least they know what they are…the Killers think that they’re Bruce Spingsteen with the talent of Rick Springfield

  5. Actually, Jeff, I don’t think that fall out boy actually understand their immense level of douchebag-ness (and yes, I know that isn’t a word). Look, I’m not going to listen to Sufjan Stevens because someone (pitchfork, stereogum, idolator, whatever) tells me he’s cool but I won’t subject myself to the sheer retardedness of fall out boy. You may think that the Killers suck and that is your perogative. However, I don’t but then again, miss modern age loves emo and while I think it is the worst shit in earth, if she likes it then, it is her choice. Anyways, opinions are like ass holes, everyone’s got one.

  6. Holy Crap! These guys have to be the result of some bet between a couple of label execs. “I bet you a dollar we can find a group of screeching wannabes and make them popular by running some ads on MTV” The 13 to 13 and a half demographic will love them because we say they’re hot. Cripes – Note to North Korea: – Please bomb my house with a nuke so I never have to hear another Killers song again. ever. Thank You.

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