Links for 2006-09-27

NPR : Girl Scouts Seek to Adapt to Changing Times
The Girl Scouts have been around for 94 years. But is the venerable organization prepared to meet the needs of today’s girls?

Fashion Week: Invitation etiquette. By Troy Patterson – Slate Magazine
The art of the invite

How sluggish newbies ruined the marathon. By Gabriel Sherman – Slate Magazine
How sluggish newbies ruined the marathon. ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ Sparks Teenage Dance Craze via YouTube
Harlem teens’ song about the tummy-soothing soup has spawned a chicken-like dance phenomenon.

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Is Hysteria Real? Brain Images Say Yes – New York Times
Despite its period of invisibility, hysteria never vanished — or at least that is what many doctors say.

The Best Places To Launch A Career
The top 50 employers for new college grads

Refinery29: Independent Style: Defined and Refined
Opening Ceremony indulges a coat person’s multiple personalities.

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