My Favorite Part of a Raconteurs Show Is the Jack White Filling

I saw the Raconteurs during their first night here in NYC at Roseland Ballroom. The set list was:

Intimate Secretary/ Level/ Hands/ Together/ Yellow Sun –>Moody Miss Judy/ Store Bought Bones/ Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down): Cher/Nancy Sinatra cover/ Broken Boy Soldier. ENCORE: Steady, As She Goes/ Blue Veins

the raconteurs roseland

By far the best moment of the night was Jack singing Nancy Sinatra’s the Sonny Bono-written “Bang Bang”. It totally could have been a White Stripes moment.

the raconteurs roseland

In the audience were Jack White’s wife and baby’s mama mother of baby Scarlett, Karen Elson, and director Jim Jarmusch.

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17 replies on “My Favorite Part of a Raconteurs Show Is the Jack White Filling”

  1. does the term “baby mama” apply even though jack and karen are married?

    i caught the racs two days in a row – virgin festival and atlantic city. excellent shows — loved Bang, Bang.

  2. Try to stop calling “Bang Bang” a Nancy Sinatra song, even if you do only know it from the ‘Kill Bill’ soundtrack. The original (and good version) is by CHER. Sonny wrote it.

  3. thank god someone else knows the cher version. it’s a million times better than nancy’s. and sonny wrote it for christ’s sake.

  4. wow, what a show! i went to the 2nd night, and jack white was in rare form, well i guess he pretty much always is, but this show was so much better than the one at irving plaza a few months ago. i would like to say that jack white completely kidnapped the spotlight from brendan benson, but you know what, that made a really good band really amazing. the version of store bought bones they played was nothing like the one on the record (well the first half was anyway). bang bang was amazing. i really enjoyed every second of the show. i would like to be jack’s little sister if i may, thank you please.

  5. can someone please hit me up with a setlist from the raconteurs second night at roseland. one song i’m dying to remember and can’t for the life of me…thanks.

  6. Somebody else’s memory of this, not mine. The songs are right–maybe not the order.

    Intimate Secretary
    It Ain’t Easy
    Yellow Sun
    5 on the 5
    Store Bought Bones, both versions
    Bang Bang
    Broken Boy Soldier

    Encore break

    Steady As She Goes
    Heading for the Texas Border
    Blue Veins

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