Links for 2006-09-26

Annie Leibovitz’s Amazing ‘Life in Pictures’ – Newsweek Entertainment –
In her new book, Annie Leibovitz, our most famous photographer, places celebs side by side with surprisingly personal images of love and loss. An exclusive.

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | End of the road
In the last column charting his gastronomic adventures around the world with Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos is appalled by British table manners in Prague

New York City Guide – Recommendations and Reviews by Citysearch
You voted for the best Tailor in New York, and we counted. Check out the results below. Do you have any better recommendations on a tailor?

John Cameron Mitchell’s Heart of Lust — New York Magazine
John Cameron Mitchell wants America to stop being scared and start having more sex.

Internal Investigation Rocks ‘Project Runway’ — New York Magazine
Did Jeffery outsource the sewing on his final collection?

YouTube – Ashlee Simpson on The Charlotte Church Show
Charlotte + Ashlee = boobfest.

Carlos D bag on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Someone knitted a bag with Carlos D’s face on it. Be amazed.

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  1. “Someone knitted a bag with Carlos D’s face on it.”

    And it gave her wallet herpes.


    Now she needs to knit some facial hair for it.

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