Watch Out For: Johnossi

Wanted to do a quick update. I saw a Swedish band at Mercury Lounge not to long ago called Johnossi. I had a terrible time trying to remember the name of this band until I read that it was the combined names of the two guys in the band: John and Ossi.

What do they sound like? Think White Stripes meets Two Gallants. So yes, that basically equates to being awesome. They create such an incredibly full and LOUD sound for just two people.

I think the funniest thing about Johnossi shows is that you can totally tell who got in on the band’s guest list: just look for the fashionably hip tall skinny blond-haired, blue eyed folks in the audience. It’s just a reminder of why you should never let your significant other go to Sweden without you.

In any case, please listen to Johnossi’s “Execution Song” on their MySpace. It’s just BEGGING to be bought for a car commercial. It has the right amount of guitar reverb and straight-on rock sound to work with an image of a car zipping around winding bends. Mark my words.

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