These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…This Week

In no particular order:

Trader Joe’s
Holy smoke! I grew up with a Trader Joe’s near me, but for some reason I never went to it–probably because I didn’t cook. I just recently got back into *gasp* shopping at the supermarket to cook in my apartment, and one day after I’d been to Union Square Wines I was riding the M14D across 14th Street when I saw that Trader Joe’s had a wine shop. I had totally forgotten TJ’s was near Union Square. I went in and WOAH, it’s so cheap there! And GOOD food.

Whole Foods can EAT IT! TJ’s 4EVA…although I did buy this really tasty pesto sauce from WF the last time I was there. Poor Food Emporium, home of my freshman year of college food shopping, how quickly you’ve fallen from my favor. 🙁

“My Love” by Justin Timberlake featuring T.I.
Um…I love this song. It’s so hot.

My Wacom writing tablet
I’ve had this Wacom writing tablet since college, and when I moved I brought it with me. But I misplaced the pen, so it was pretty much useless. I looked online today to see how much writing tablets cost and I was bummed to see that even the cheapest one was like $90 at J & R. Damnit!

I looked to see if they sold replacement pens, but to no avail. I checked the store hours to see what time they closed today and saw they were closed for the Jewish holidays. Since I wasn’t going out shopping I decided to clean out these baskets I have been meaning to get in order for months and months and MONTHS. Low and behold, I found the pen to the writing tablet in a random bag. Hooray!

7 Replies to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…This Week”

  1. trader joe is the greatest. there is one in royal oak by me. its great because its all prepaired for you, and you just have to heat & eat.

    best of all, its pretty healthy stuff, and not so outragous $$$

    the wine is great…try the one with the monkey playing the bongos on the label….cant remember the name, but good stuff, and cute to boot!!!

  2. hey this is off topic, but whats your take on John Mayer.
    I know he is a NYC boy, I am kinda on the fence with him

  3. Judging from what you write about I thought you might be interested in this site. Fafarazzi is simillar to fantasy football except its with celebrities. Best Week Ever featured it about a month ago and its hilarious to play or just read the message boards.

    Warning though: it wastes about half my day.

  4. shopping at WF is like getting bum raped with no lube. while TJ’s is like a giving, sensitive lover who anticipates your every desire.
    also, LOVE T.I. still mad at JT for hanging janet out to dry but have you heard ‘Get It’ on T.I.s album? my new gym anthem!

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