Project Runway Fashion Show Assessment

If you don’t want to know what any of the final four’s collections look like, do not proceed after the jump.

On a side note, I happen to be shopping in NoLita on Saturday and stopped by the EMC2 event where Tim Gunn was signing bobbleheads and the Project Runway former cast members were puttering around. The line was respectable around 12:30, but when I walked by about an hour later it was ridiculous! The Bravo cameras were also there filming for who knows what.


Now to rip this year’s fashion show apart…

Now who would have thunk it, but my favorite collections were bad boy Jeffrey‘s and sour puss Laura‘s.

The following three outfits had me drooling all over myself and are the major reason’s why my pick for this season’s best collection is Jeffrey Sebelia


All the fashion reviews of Spring 2007 are saying unusual use of zippers are a hot trend, and here Jeffrey is riding the crazy zipper train with his white ruffle-collared vest paired with a GORGE silver sequin tank top. Sporty AND sexy. Loves it.

jeffrey Sebelia

Ok, I just about DIED when I saw this outfit. The green and white striped sateen blazer is so super-sleek 60s mod. Again, love the silver tank, and I <3 the detailing on the skinny pants.

jeffrey Sebelia

Anyone who knows me knows I love stripes and poofy skirts, so my heart melted when I saw this dress.

Miss Laura Bennett had a great showing, full of elegant eveningwear. It reminded me of Oscar de la Renta–sophisticated, classy, RICH. Most of it was just kinda “eh” for me, but there were some real stunners in the collection:

laura bennett

Like this beautiful black lace beaded number. Very dramatic and lovely. Not something that’s really my style, but would look divine on someone like Cate Blanchett.

laura bennett

One of the big trends for spring is see-through pants, and this fits the bill. I love the optical illusion of the outline of the dress with the pants underneath. However, I do wish a different solution had been found for covering up the dear girl’s nipples. Was there a shortage of nude fabric somewhere?

Uli Herzner was…well…Uli–which meant that I was totally bored with most of the collection. However there was one piece, this silver high-necked mini dress that I thought was stunning. So very Kate Bosworth:


I love the bell sleeves and the detailing at the bottom of the dress.

Now, I love Michael Knight and all–I think that man is SO FLY, but I was just not digging all the shiny bold colored fabric he picked for the majority of his outfits. And lord knows I could never ever wear a lepoard print mini dress.

The collection was very 90s Versace meets Sweetface or something. As sad as I am to say this, Michael’s showing just didn’t do it for me. Sorry, but I’m never ever going to wear a hot pink shortsuit with a criss-cross closure neckline. Nope. Not happening.

michael knight

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  1. I think Michael’s collection is geared more to an African American sensibility anyways whereas Jefftrey’s is more for white hipster-rockstar types.

  2. wow, i love jeffery’s collection, which i never thought i would from the things he’s made on the show. i cant wait to see the full 2 hour season finale.

  3. Jeffery’s collection is amazing! I would wear anything in it. Unlike fuschia hot pants. What were you thinking Michael?

  4. Uli has consistently been underrated. Her construction is flawless and her ideas and her goen in Paris was flawless while Jeffrey’s was flimsy’s and not for most women and not at all elegant. Laura has some great items, and Micheal overall can get the look and need the right woman to carry it off, a confident woman of any size really and that often may be a woman of color…definitely a women with attitude. All in all any of these three could pull off a line and would be smart enough to work together. Jeff cannot work with anyone and doesen’t even like women. And as we know now, he didn’t even make the collection himself. Believe it. He is not that dimensional, he wasn’t during the season and it didn’t happen ovenight. He did LA cocktal parties and “rock stars” more limitedly than Uli could say MIami. At least she could go to St. Tropez and Beliz, Fiji, Sydney, Caines, Mykonos, and most of the world. Many more people than a few dozen rock stars. Laura still isn’t designing for the younger market and Micheal is. I say put Laura, Uli and Michael together and let Jeffrey grow up for another 4 or so years.

  5. OMG!!! bubble gum HOT PINK!!!!! pOp

    oooooooooo its a pretty colour!! ooo mummy can i have that one!! PWEEEEEZZZZ!!!!????!!!!??? =(

    Pwetty Pweez?

    OMG ur all such babies!! GROW UP PUSSIES!!!

    peace out…. and remember all u gaybo’s and lezzie’s out there, VOTE FOR PEDRO! (aka. ME)

  6. How do I locate dresses designed by Laura Bennett for sale, I was hoping to find them for a wedding?

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