“The Last Kiss” = Anti-Date Movie of the Year

Saw The Last Kiss this weekend and it was great. But I do have to warn you, it’s totally the anti-date movie of the year. You do not want to see this movie with a member of the opposite sex–especially if you are romantically involved. This movie is the Constant Dater’s biggest fears come to fruition.

For the ladies, this will probably be your conversation after coming out of the movie:

[dials phone]

Husband/boyfriend: Hello

You: Yeah, hi.

H/B: What’s up?

Y: You’re in trouble?

H/B: Huh?

Y: You are SO in trouble.

H/B: Why?!

Y: Because you ARE.

H/B: What did I do?

Y: I don’t know yet, but I just saw this movie and I’m sure you’ve done SOMETHING wrong.

H/B: Uh oh. Are you coming home?

Y: Yes, and when I get there, you’re in trouble.

Your significant other will be sending a letter of complaint to the director, you will be sending a thank you note. Good times.

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  1. just like after closer..

    the last kiss is the remake of an italian movie, i haven’t date anybody since the movie came out in italy i havn’t date anyone.


    Michael gives himself pneumonia sitting out in the rain for Jenna.

    And then she takes him back. Happy ending.

    He’s a cad, but she’s a righteous freak.

    How is that not a date movie? Don’t people deserve second chances?


    a) I’m backing up Laura on this one. Any movie that makes you walk away with the sinking feeling that even the GOOD guys can be assholes, is not a movie that’s going to facilitate sex.

    2) How did we get “righteous freak” out of a girl whose supposedly adoring boyfriend of 3 years sleeps with another woman while she’s 3 months pregnant ? “Righteous indignation” maybe, “righteous freak”? not so much.
    And for the record? No. Second chances are a privilege, not a birthright.


    I agree. Call me crazy, but if you’re girlfriend is pregnant with your child, i would think the sleeziest thing you could do would be to sleep with another woman.


    Oh, and how do you know for sure that she takes him back in the end? She just lets him in the house… that doesn’t mean it all ends happily ever after. maybe that’s not “everything it takes”.

    Oh and he SHOULD get pneumonia for what he did to her.

  5. Michael’s actions are indefensible.

    The mother of his child, though, is overboard, yes a freak, if she dumps him at knifepoint for kissing another girl.

    When 3 years’ worth of good faith is built up, I think a second chance is the right thing to do. But, yeah, the movie’s ambition is just to pose the question.

    Excellent point about the ambiguity of the ending. We indeed do not know if she actually takes him back (people behind me made the same observation).

    Carry on…

  6. the intimacy that they had will take a long time to get back, if ever. She didn’t let him in when he they could go back to the way things were but she opened the door when he said we could start new. they just may never get back.

  7. Surely it would be a good one to watch with the opposite sex, especially if you were very close, as it would show how if they did such a thing as he did, the feelings between you both would probably never be the same again?

    I haven’t seen the movie yet so I don’t really know…but…mmm

  8. If you pay attention at the end to what Jenna is talking about just before she lets Micheal in the door, it may become a bit clearer as to their fate as a couple. But then again, I may be looking too deeply into this. Jenna is talking about a pain that she experienced, when she was younger, as she was let into the room to say goodbye to her grandmother who had passed away. She said she had the same feeling at that moment. She then lets Micheal into the house to have the LAST KISS goodbye…because they, as a couple, were now dead to her as well.

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