Links for 2006-09-15

NPR : The Format: Refreshingly Shimmering Pop
The hook-heavy foundation of The Format’s Dog Problems is aided by involvement from an assortment of power-pop greats. The album does a terrific job of paying homage to the band’s pop elders — Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson and others — while keeping its s

Idolator, All About the Music… If Only It Were
When the internet came, we overthrew the pasty white tastemakers, the duplicitious music marketers and the manufactured pop idols. And then they all came back. This is Idolator. We’re so disappointed.

Who’s This Guy Dylan Who’s Borrowing Lines From Henry Timrod? – New York Times
Did Bob borrow lines from Timrod’s works?

Cool, at Least for a Few Minutes – New York Times
This week, MisShapes will select the music for either the shows or afterparties of Calvin Klein, Tory Burch and L.A.M.B, the label of Gwen Stefani.

Photos from Another Magazine party

Celebrity Boutique Sues Us Weekly, Saying Lack of Coverage Is Hurting Business – Los Angeles Times
The owner of Kitson, the Robertson Boulevard clothing store favored by young celebs such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Denise Richards, says that Us Weekly magazine is intentionally omitting any mention of the store in its issues because of a nasty l

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