This Week’s Project Runway: The Double Twist

Woah nelly! I just about vomited all over myself when the “twist” of this week’s episode was revealed.

Spoilers after the jump… but check this out Project Runway fans:


Tim Gunn in the hhoooouuuuuuussssee!

The reactions on the designer’s faces when it was announced that Vincent and Angela would be allowed to compete again in the next challenge was PRICELESS. Jeffery looked like he was going to punch someone. Hilarious.

Laura finally wins a challenge, which means Vincent and Angela are out. Going with them was Kayne who did a nearly all black dress for a black and white challenge. Sad to see him go, but he totally had to. The last few challenges have been PAINFUL.

Who will make it to the final 3? My guess? Jeffery, Michael, and Laura. Seriously, Uli needs to TURN IT OUT next week or ELSE. NO MORE BOHO DRESSES. Zzzzzzz…

6 Replies to “This Week’s Project Runway: The Double Twist”

  1. ULI ULI ULI! It looked like Hedi was going to kill MK when he made the fake german accent “Ziss dress is for zee wam wetter”…Totally awesome.

  2. hasn’t Laura made the same dress the whole season? why is she top 4? Uli, Michael & Jeffery will be the final 3. And no matter who wins they will forever be deemed a ” contest ” winner. Good thing Alison got the boot early.

  3. just saw a preview of the next show where heidi says that they are “not committed to three designers in the final”. what does that mean? 2? 4?

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