Kelis Brings Her Milkshake to the MisShapes

Nas‘s number one lady, superfly superstar Kelis, performed made an apperance at a jam-packed MisShapes tonight. When I first got there around 1am there was a line of well-dressed hipsters around the block, and the cops were inside busting underage kids and checking to see if the venue was overcrowded.

Hence NO ONE was getting in, not even some of the V magazine folks who were co-running the event. Not even the gay boy I briefly talked to who lamented that his handbag was inside, but wasn’t being allowed back in. Crazy!

I went to go get dinner at 1am, rolled back over to Don Hill’s at 2:30 and shook my little bootie a bit as Jackson spun some nice hip-hop music and Kelis sat behind her two enormous bodyguards.

What a great way to cap off the night!


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