Raconteurs Playing Prada Party Tonight

Raconteurs play Prada store in SoHo tonight…say around 8pm? I will not be there. Let me know how it is!

UPDATE: The Imaginary Socialite was there… (I stole some of her photos, so click to her site to see the original post)

raconteurs prada

and she also took and annotated a photograph of the audience. Look for Miss Karen Elson, Winona Ryder, Orlando Bloom, and…er…Seth Green.

raconteurs prads

3 Replies to “Raconteurs Playing Prada Party Tonight”

  1. It was actually pretty good for us regular folk. The bouncer – who was air guitaring all night – let us stay right outside the door and the sound was crystal clear so we could hear the whole show perfectly. Even the banter. There was only about 4 of us semi-crashing the party and only 2 of us on purpose.

    If you like celeb-sightsightings it was quite the night – Winona Ryder, Liv Tyler, Lisa Marie Presley, Orlando Bloom, a Weinstein brother, Seth Green (who talks to the food truck guys outside), an Interpol guy, that moron from Sugar Ray, people like that. Oh and Griffin Dunne! Griffin Dunne!

    Haha it was a good show though I had an awkward moment with Jack out back after the gig. Bleh.

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