Top Chef 2: Missing Resident Hottie?

Season 1 of Top Chef had resident hottie Harold Dieterle. But I just looked at this season’s cast and could not find the hottie. Will I have to default to the bespeckled Ilan D Hall, who is from Great Neck, Long Island? (Harold is from West Babylon.) Or will the emerging hottie be Sam Talbot of NC? Place your bets now on who will be the hottie-in-hiding of TC Season 2…starting Oct 18th on Bravo.

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29 replies on “Top Chef 2: Missing Resident Hottie?”

  1. sam is the hottie…that’s my vote.

    i was wondering when season 2 would start…

    more important than the hottie (for dramatic effect that is)
    is who is the bitch?

  2. handsdown, sam. looks like a tall drink of water. looking foward to the “hysterically funny” michael. how funny can he be during a quickfire?

  3. Ilan looks like a gayer version of Ted Allen..a smaller younger, weirder version. Sam is a man a very very large man! A sexy man that is always calm cool and in Charge…that = hott to me!! Plus cmon the guy is beautiful!

  4. jeez, personally i think they both are hot! ilan’s more of the fun cute dude. but sam IS the sexy sicilian. i dont know, i cant choose.

  5. Uhm Ilan is amazingly beautiful. Ok, maybe that is a tad dramatic. But he is. Lovin’ me some him. Also, Sam is sexxxy. So a girl really can’t choose. They are both taken I hear so it really doesn’t matter. Looove this show.

    Anyone think Marcel is cute in a weird-kinda creepy way? I do! lol

  6. Sam is the handsome one.. Ilan has a strange oval-round face (it looks like a grape).. and yes, Marcel is cute in a puppy-like of way.

  7. Oh Come On How Can You Compare A Boy To A Man A Very Sexy Man I Might Add. Sam Is The Hottest Season 1 Or 2!!!!!!

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