So Long, Sukkkkkaaa!

Who else was so excited to see a certain someone go today on Project Runway?

Spoilers after the jump.

FINALLY! I don’t have to put up with Vincent any more. THANK GOD!

Jeffery‘s win was well deserved. I loved his yellow plaid couture dress. Very Vivienne Westwood meets Luella Bartley.

Uli is making me snooze button, seriously, haven’t I seen that high-waisted long dress like a gagillion times before?

And Laura’s dress looked like eveningwear for Olive Oil. Boooo!

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9 replies on “So Long, Sukkkkkaaa!”

  1. So glad I don’t have to hear Vincent blabbering on about how he’s “getting off” or beiing “turned on”, etc. any more. That was kinda creepy.

    And what happened to Michael this week?

  2. i agree about the Vincent creep factor – yuck!

    i felt really bad for Laura – the collar really got mashed in transit. i was wondering why she didn’t us spray starch to fluff up the collar.

  3. I hated, hated, hated Vincent. His continued presence was so very obviously a sop to keeping a good “telegenic” nutjob around for the wackiness factor, and it really undermined the professionalism of the show — I don’t watch it for the conflicts, I watch it to see creative people do remarkable things! I seriously clapped when they cut him. Good riddance! (Though it was amusing that they cut in that old comment about him getting off and getting turned on right as he left.)

    And it’s true that Laura got majorly screwed on the travelling, although it wasn’t an A+ stunner knockout dress to start with, just a decent one that became kinda crappy afterwards.

  4. But his axing came an episode too late. Shoulda been him walking instead of Alison the other week.

    I’m surprised …

    WHAT?!? Wait. Crap. I haven’t watched last night’s yet! Ohhhh noooo. I just got spoilered. Dammit.

    Carry on.

  5. yeah what did happen to michael–he’s always so good. at least he had the nerve to admit his dress was crap.
    i feel bad for anyone involved in vincent’s life cos you know he thinks “oh well you know i lasted this long, maybe i should keep trying. i got lots of press and promo from this, maybe my designs will get picked up by someone.” meanwhile his wife and children will be starving to death….
    also: have i gone pageant, or was kayne’s dress not all that bad???

  6. kayne’s dress WASN’T all that bad. but, i think he will be the next to go. unless laura’s upcoming meltdown causes her to be auf’d next. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THAT ICE QUEEN CRY!!!

    (is that mean?)

  7. has anyone noticed how michael drops street on the voice overs?

    re: angela:
    “im not trying to be captain save-a-ho”

    re: this weeks elimination
    “i was sweatin’ like a whore in church”

    this guys an f’ing star.

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