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Was anyone else a little saddened that the Raconteurs were the VMA equivalent of the Paul Shaffer Band? And anyone else get a little uneasy when Jack Black started doing the Jack Black/ Jack White thing?

I didn’t see the begining of the end, so apparently I missed Lou Reed and Panic! at the Disco winning for video of the year, which is SO CRAZY! The Panic! performance was…uh…not their best, and I missed the Rose Vest.

Was really happy to see All-American Rejects win for best group video–the vid for “Move Along” is awsome. Not so happy seeing Paris Hilton talk about Tyson.

I think Chris Brown looked piiiissseed when Avenge Sevenfold won for best new artist, and I felt REALLY SCARED for Little Miss Sunshine when those burly, tattooed men got on stage and surrounded her. I feared a little bit for her safety. Where’s Dwayne when you need him?

Jared Leto wore TOO MUCH eye makeup and Jessica Simpson didn’t wear enough clothing and looked a little manish in the shoulders. The Britney/ Kevin segment totally bombed as did most of Sarah Silverman‘s stuff.

The capes and gray clothing made Fall Out Boy all look a bit stout, and I learned that the not screamy dude from Linkin Park has a side project.

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  1. the raconteurs just looked really out of place last night

    and i can’t believe i actually watched the entire show just to see them perform for maybe a total of 4 minutes..

  2. I agree, Amber. They looked out of place. The Raconteurs play and then we go to Lil John. Weird. WAY boring show and Paris Hilton is just a waste of good air.

  3. the raconteurs completely out of place. Funny how MTV has them playing and yet there isn’t one award for their type of music.
    glad to see non rap take all the major awards and loved seeing the astonished RAP faces in the crowd everytime it happened.

  4. dude, christina and justin won NOTHING this year!! how is that allowed?

    i think jack white could have played along a little more w the jack black/white thing or at least not acted like stop talking about me.

    what was up with Pink!
    and the all american rejects singer is sooo handsome
    (i am totally 15 yrs old in all my comments)

  5. That was terrible. I tuned in for bits and pieces hoping to catch some Rac’in.

    I’m sorry, but the production of that crappy Panic! At the All American Fallout Boys music all sounds bland and indistinguishable. Having the Racs play in between stuff made for really jarring transitions between music and crap. They were so out of place. (Aside: Does Patrick Keeler have a lucky vest or something? I never seen him unvested.)

    Like, let’s get Lou Reed on stage with the Raconteurs and show that for 30 seconds and cut away to a bunch of fucking rappers backstage. Excellent.

    The show looked like a fiasco. Did they rehearse at all? No one looked like they knew what was going on from one second to the next. Why is John Norris blond? Would someone please fix his teeth? They are scaring me.

    God, I sound like Bob Dylan.

  6. the raconteurs’ performances were intended for people like you guys to go on the mtv.overdrive website to catch the “VMA uncensored” show, that was airing simultaneously online, with the full raconteurs performances…..you just didn’t know where to look for it. they’re still up i think in that show.

    and modernage, where’s your review of the Chems song that you’ve been trumpeting up? How can you leave that part out? Did you finally realize they fucking suck?

  7. i missed the My Chem performance on the VMAs b/c as i stated before, i missed the begining and the end of the show. but i saw it on YouTube this AM and like everything else i’ve heard off the album, it sounds like Queen…which i think is a good thing.

    I saw My Chem perform last night at Knitting Factory. THere’s no denying they are a great live band. I don’t care what you haters have to say.


  8. When is the VMAs NOT terrible anymore? Anyone notice Jim Jarmusch up there jamming with them at one point?

    “Internet killed the Video Star.”

  9. if the jim jarmusch jack white internet killed the video star thing had been longer, it would have made up for the whole shitty show.

  10. Uhm, what about Lou Reed presenting an award? I sort of wanted to die.

    And the Pink thing was a joke. She was being a “stupid girl.” Dur.

  11. how about being happy that “white light white heat”
    actually got played during one of the most watched
    music shows of the year?

    what about being happy that jim jarmusch played
    a silvertone guitar on t.v.?

    why not be glad that a cool rock band got to play
    ten times instead of timberlake playing ten times?

    yes mtv sucks. stating the obvious isn’t that hard to do.

  12. Jack Black ruined the VMAs! 🙁 Anyone can do a better job of hosting the VMAs than him. The VMAs were boring & just weren’t as exciting than they used to be.

    Al Gore shouldn’t be at the VMAs, he should be in the oval office! Gore 4 President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Teen Choice Awards took all the excitment & spontaneity out of the VMAs. Britney & Kevin, Jessica & Nick in the same room. It was all done before by the Teen Choice Awards.

  13. the raconteurs-how could they have agreed to do this? do they need to sell more records? convert people with shit taste in music over to the dark side of quality music? what a joke-maybe the other guys wanted to do it so as a group they decided to do it but I cannot imagine Jack being happy about it. White Stripes please come back-remember what jack said-“the white stripes are not MTV material” well the raconteurs are not either. They really cheapened themselves. Blah

  14. Hi Laura,

    The VMA’s are yet to air in the UK where I reside, but it sounds like it won’t exactly be worth tuning in this year which is a shame.

    The Raconteurs should be boycotting such events as it won’t do their credibility any good. Then again I guess a little bit of exposure here & there helps with record sales.

    Take Care. 😉

  15. I just saw that Jack Black/Jack White bit and does Jack White hate JB? He was definitely not playing along. Maybe he was fed up with the lameness of the whole thing, knowing that JB did not “just realize” the simularity of their names, having done a similiar intro to the White Stripes back at the 2002 MTV movie awards (“His name’s Jack White, my names Jack Black. Coincidence? How about total cosmic convergence…”). If I were Jack, I would’ve regretted my involvement in the show before the Rac’s first performance though.

  16. How could they regret it? They got to play with Lou Reed and Billy Gibbons not to mention free airtime. Maybe JW was caught off guard by JB. He looked like he was about to say something before the camera cut away again.

  17. The racs deffinitely didn’t lose anything by playing that show. The show, itself, was of course a joke but they were totally doing what they always do and they didn’t change themselves at all for it. It was fine. Jack White is the fucking man. And plus, if I had to play an entire show just for Jesse McCartney fans at a chuck e. cheese or something as long as I could play white light white heat with lou reed, I would totally do it. I don’t care if hes older now and not as bisexual.

  18. any word on the after party??
    hows the wifey looking???

    the vmas were a JOKE i too watched for the Racs, but couldnt stomach it, and kept flipping it back n forth

    loving jackies new hair, btw

  19. i’m pretty sure jack white was hating the whole thing. i can’t really blame for frowning through jack black’s jokes (and even through his own performances), even though the racs are supposedly the only band of the evening black respected. as for the black/white joke, i thought it was awesome and maybe jw takes himself takes himself too seriously if he cant accept a little poke like that.
    i guess performing was good for them press-wise, but whatever. i have to agree with … (“i watched. now i feel even less hopeful for the future of humanity”) on the whole thing, it’s honestly a blatant display of everything that’s wrong with popular music. by the way, the performances of level and steadyasg on the overdrive site are pretty long with a bunch of extra solos and stuff. worth checking out.

  20. i was there !!!!!!!!!!!i got to stand and watch in the pit! They were seriously the only thing worth watching. The Rac’s were hot!!! The vma’s had a lot going on but it felt amateur. I saw Jack give his wife a kiss during the show it broke my heart but she looks good considering she’s just had a baby and had a rad dress on. I can’t wait to see scarlet photo’s anyone seen any around?

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