Will Chase Commits Crime Against Indierockdom

As much as I love to support Broadway theater, and as much as I love the fact that Will Chase is a former cast member of RENT, I found his interview with New York magazine to be…well…upsetting. Will is going to be the lead role in the musical theater adaptation of Nick Hornby‘s uber-music geek book, High Fidelity.

Check out this embarrassing exchange between Will and writer Jada Yuan:

NY Mag: Have you studied the clerks at Other Music?

Chase: You mean, what other music do I like?

No, I meant Other Music, the store.

Oh, other music stores?

Never mind.

Will Chase is obviously not a method actor.

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5 replies on “Will Chase Commits Crime Against Indierockdom”

  1. I think the later part of the interview is the best:

    Who’s your audience?
    Nick Hornby fans, though I guarantee they’ll think, I’m going to hate this. And that’s cool. I’m just gonna do my shit and hope that I have work for a couple of years.

    I think he’s right, though, strangely it has that “Snakes On A Plane” feel…. (that’s right, I said “Snakes On A Plane”)… which inevitably means we’ll all talk about it and not go see it…

  2. Since when do people trust things they read in New York Magazine? If you ask me, they edited it to make him sound stupid.

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