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  1. I can’t believe I am commenting on this show, but I watched it last night and Michael needs to have his ass kicked. He is so insecure that he has to rip on and belittle Angela’s mom because she is fat and ugly. He’s such a pussy. His rockstar outfit was pretty shitty as well. I don’t understand what everyone likes about it.

    However, I agree, Angela needed to go b/c she has horrible taste.

  2. Nevermind my previous comment. Apparently I don’t watch the show enouch b/c I don’t even know the participants names. I thought that Michael was the dick with tatoos on his neck. I agree Michael(the black guy) has been the most impressive

  3. Uli vs. Michael in the final 2.

    Found some stuff on Jeffery.
    The band that he mentioned he was a member of was called LIFTER.
    Genre: Rock
    Active: ’90s
    Major Members: John Rozas, Jeff Sebelia, Mike Coulter
    Representative Album: “Melinda”

    In 1996, the Los Angeles band Lifter called the attention of radio programmers with a song about moving back home and mowing the lawn for dad. The song, “402,” became an anthem for twentysomethings frustrated by the loneliness and financial instability of living alone. The track could have catapulted Lifter into the superstar status of other loud alternative rock groups such as Everclear and the Foo Fighters. However, the band became lost in a market overstocked on young groups with fuzzy guitars and angry, introspective lyrics. Lifter formed in 1992 with Mike Coulter (vocals, guitar), Jeff Sebelia (bass), and John Rozas (drums). Lifter released several singles on independent labels like Fingerpaint and Triple X. Before agreeing to sign the band, Interscope Records sent Coulter to rehab to rid him of his addiction to heroin. In 1996, Lifter released their debut album, Melinda (Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt), on Interscope Records. The LP was named after Coulter’s ex-girlfriend, whose full name appears in the liner notes, and many of the songs reek of references to romantic rejection and drug abuse. Despite the minor success of “402,” Melinda (Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt) did not sell well, and Lifter vanished into obscurity. ~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

    Tell him how is attitude sucks via myspace.


  4. laura’s pregnant with her sixth child. anyone care to discuss THAT??
    i thought it was awesome that they made angela travel 7 or 8 hours in that hideous outfit (thereby being seen in PUBLIC in that grotesque thing) and then sent her ass home. perfect. the worst send off for the worst designer ever.

  5. i was happy to see jeffery win, i didnt like him at first but grew to after seeing how hard he worked to get to where he is today,he is a great designer and i loved the last dress that was shown in the fashion show, wish i knew how to buy it.

  6. is the myspace authentic the only reason i ask is because i heard that alot of people make fake ones…….i need the cd with 9 lives and the other song from the show…….do you know if the cd is on sale anywhere……..borders maybe? thanks

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