VMAs: Already Taking Over NYC

Ok right now I’m totally beat after spending about 4 1/2 hours at the VMA Kick Off Concert at Battery Park, but I just wanted to mention that this week is already nuts. I kinda can’t wait until it’s over so I can sleep or something.

This morning I got a phone call from my friend G. at 10am–and since I forgot to turn my ringer off my phone, my entire office was treated to “Sugar We’re Going Down” in ringtone form. Why the urgent message? G. walked past Jack White on the street–and since I’ve trained all my friends very well, she immediately called me. Here’s her more detailed description she sent me in an email later on in the day:

I was running late for work this morning, but it was toootally worth it because I ran into Jack White as I was walking out of my apartment. He was crossing Avenue A on 5th Street with Karen and a friend in tow (no baby White). Jack was wearing a red button-down shirt with a black bowler-ish cap. Karen looked very striking and thin. It was like seeing two very stylish ghosts.

Sadly no sign of baby Scarlet…she’s probably off somewhere playing with TomKat’s mystery baby Suri

As for the VMA Kick Off Concert, for now you can read more about Cartel and the All-American Rejects over at SoMoreScene.com, but hopefully I’ll get some rest and be able to tell you more about it later on this week.

I do have one story that I just have to dish right now. So in-between acts, the DJ was playing songs, and the emcee was holding out the microphone into the crowd so that kids could sing-a-long to the songs. The Killers, Fatman Scoops, Black Eyed Peas, etc.

Everything was going fine until the DJ segued from Kelly Clarkson‘s “Since U Been Gone” to Bloc Party‘s “Banquet”. Disaster struck. Instead of singing the words to “Banquet”, the kids just kept singing “Since U Been Gone” over the beat. The emcee tried moving on to different people in the crowd, but every person he put the mic in front of just started mumbling…NO ONE KNEW “Banquet” by Bloc Party!!!! Oh my, how true it is that youth is wasted on the young…

Anyway, here’s a picture of Rihanna to tide you over until I get to write more. She’s SO FREAKING GORGEOUS in person!


10 Replies to “VMAs: Already Taking Over NYC”

  1. She’s got a beautiful face and an AMAZING body. Oh and she can sing or whatever. She’s no Beyonce, but she aint chopped liver.

  2. On Monday, I’m pretty sure I saw Karen and Scarlet Teresa on Broadway.. A red haired women with translucent eyebrows was talking to a security officer outside Banana Republic. I wouldn’t believe it, but the baby had dark hair and dark eyes.

  3. Brown hair/eyes are dominant genes. /Bio 101 Nerdface

    Damn you, Jack & co. for making me watch the VMAs.

    Give me a Jack Black/Jack White face-off and I’ll forgive ya.

  4. Yeah, I saw Karen + baby on Broadway in Soho too. Getting into a big black SUV. I watched for a while as K strapped in the little one, but then felt a bit stalkerish and started to leave.

    But then I watched some more.

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