The Notebook: Making Girls (and Guys) Cry Their Eyes Out Since 2004

Inspired by yesterday’s absolutely awful weather, I went to go see that new movie Half Nelson playing at the Angelika. It’s kinda a depressing film, but Ryan Gosling is really fantastic in it. At first it was hard to believe he was supposed to be a teacher, since he looks so young (he’s only 25) and he looks like a freaking rock star, but as the movie progressed I totally believed him as the character and went along with suspending my disbelief. He’s totally this generation’s Sean Penn or Robert Downey Jr.–hopefully without the behavioral problems.

So immediately after watching Half Nelson I demanded to see The Notebook–a movie I have heard a lot about, but never actually seen despite the fact that I adore Rachel McAdams. Since I had just witnessed the full awesomeness of Gosling (sorry, but I really can’t remember his performance in Murder by Numbers), I had to see how doubly awesome Gosling + McAdams would be.

I curled up in bed and CRIED MY EYES OUT. I think I sobbed for the entire last 15 minutes of the movie, whimpering something like, “I CAN’T TAKE THE SWEETNESS!” It was such a tearjerker.

Oh and I <3 that Gosling and McAdams met on the set of The Notebook and then subsequentally fell in LOVEZ. <3 <3 <3. The two of them together are just a synergy of amazing talent. So much talent it blows my mind. And I don’t even care that they are Canadian!

Then when I got to work this morning I found a package on my desk with this sticker on the outside:


I just about started crying then and there. It was a package from V2 Records promoting one of their bands called, what else?, GOSLING. How often is it that you go through a Ryan Gosling marathon and then see a sticker with his last name on it the morning after? It was like a sign from God, although I’m not sure what the sign is supposed to mean…

Well now’s a good time to have you guys listen to one of my favorite clips from the Chris Evans show on Radio 2. On it, you can hear Tom from McFly talking about the time he caught Danny and Dougie McFly up watching The Notebook. It’s pretty hilarious. I love Tom’s impression of Danny’s Mancunian accent.

DOWNLOAD: Tom from McFly on the Chris Evans Show on BBC’s Radio 2

11 Replies to “The Notebook: Making Girls (and Guys) Cry Their Eyes Out Since 2004”

  1. The Notebook was mushy but nice. And somehow, I kinda like the idea of falling in love at that time. Oh, you make me wish to watch it again. Haha!

  2. i’m pretty sure i’m the only (female) human being who DOES NOT love that movie.. I actually didn’t think it was cute at all. But i do infact

  3. If you’re a Ryan Gosling fan, make sure you check out “Stay,” “The Believer,” and “United States of Leland”. The kid’s got talent for sure; you hit it on the head about him blossoming into a future lead male actor to the likes of Sean Penn, Daniel Day-Lewis, or Joaquin Phoenix.

  4. Yeah, Stay was a good movie. He was great. Cried like a baby at the end of The Notebook after resisting to watch it for years.

  5. i love that half nelson so easily could’ve gone the route of white teacher rescuing black inner city youth but didn’t. quite the opposite, actually. i saw screening at BAM with direcetor Q&A afterwards…people got fiesty! such a great film when keeps you thinking about it long after

  6. i wept without stopping throughout the entire second half of the notebook; normally i wouldn’t mind, but i was with my family and they all thought i was nuts.

    i have a major obsession with ryan gosling. an unhealthy one. i once engineered an interview with him for no good reason other than that i was totally obsessed after seeing “the believer.” i think i spent the whole time during the interview staring at him longingly and not taking a single note. pathetic.

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