Liza Minnelli to Appear on New My Chemical Romance Album

According to an interview with the band, the new My Chemical Romance album (called The Black Parade) will feature legendary vocal performer Liza Minnelli on their song, “Mama”. Yup, LIZA MINNELLI. Believe me, I couldn’t even make this stuff up if I wanted to.

Also, for those who think that pop punk is not their thing and have dismissed My Chemical Romance based on the fact that they’ve been on Warped Tour–I encourage you to listen to this live version of “I Don’t Love You”, one of the songs off their new album. I think you’ll be surprised to find that you might like it…perhaps you’ll even love it.

If you like Queen, David Bowie, or Supertramp, you might really dig this song. I think it’s a brilliant turn for the band and really shows how much they’ve matured as a group. It really showcases their great songwriting ability and proves they can write straight up beautiful pop songs.

DOWNLOAD: “I Don’t Love You” by My Chemical Romance

36 Replies to “Liza Minnelli to Appear on New My Chemical Romance Album”

  1. no, that song actually rocks.

    and they are not ‘pop punk’ or whatever the hell titles little teeny bitches come up with.

    yay! that cd is gonna f*cking rock.

  2. yo MCR is the best effing band alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    their cd is AMAZING!!
    i dont think i could pick a favorite song all the songs are awesome!
    i think that if i had to chose just 1 i would pick teenagers….wait no..Famous last words….or mayb disenchanted hmm?
    i realli honestly couldnt chose just 1 they are all awesome!

    o and talking bout them they are on much music riight now performing Im Not Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    o and gerard way is fuckin hawt with blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh shut the fuk up moaning about pop-punk.. pop stands for popular you tit, do u expect them to make music people cant stand to listen to?? and maybe you should check out some actuall 90’s punk bands before you try to generalise bands like that?? does MCR sound like the Sex Pistols???????????????? hmmmmm……

  4. dude the new album is amazing!
    if you dont like them… its your own loss
    this is the band of yesturday and.. tomorrow
    so get the fuck over it!
    my chemical romance is here to stay!
    besides i should know…
    ive been with them since the start!
    Love you, Mary Fucking Smith!

  5. As member of an old-school punk band, dont rip MCR guys.. there are all kinds of punk, the sex pistols sound way different to, say, guttermouth, pennywise or rancid, who again sound way different to bands like the clash, or the adicts… give all rock musicians a chance! MCR get 10/10 in my book for original and quality music.Dont rip them just because someone labelled them as a “pop punk” band. That’s sad, and at the end of the day, your small-mindedness just means that you lose out on good music. Why confine yourself to a stereotype?

  6. Yo you all fucking suck. My Chemical Romances new CD is fucking awesome. Just because u didnt like their songs in the past doesnt mean you should judge this album the same way. Fuck anyone who disses them because this new cd is amazing and you really cant deny that. Just because you dont like this type of music doesnt mean it sucks

  7. Anyone who thinks my chemical romance are gay or fucking impossible to listen to shouldnt fucking listen to them then! My chemical romance are the fucking greatest band alive! so shut the fuck up you motherfucking dumbasses!

  8. my chemical romance is not a ‘punk pop” band, or emo or whatever the hell you think they are. They are a rock band with style and their music is so different to any shit you hear on the radio. Whoever thinks they’re shit fair enough, you obviously dont know what’s behind their music.
    The Black Parade

  9. It’s kind of hilarious that people try to shun music just becuase other people think it’s not “hardcore” enough. If you effing like music, listen to it!!! Stop trying to impress people.

  10. I love the song. I even have the cd. And i dont think it matters if they are hardcore or pop punk. Their words are kinda truthful yet… interesting. And i agree with the whole maturing. They are maturing while they are together as a band and as people. And they arent gay. Stop trying to act like ur hardcore and big and start listening for once.

  11. o my god how can you people say my chem sux they f**king rock!!! they are by far the best band ever! all you people that say my chem sux are morons that’s it plain morons!

  12. my chemical romance…..the best…and with liza minnelli… perfec…the song is beatty…….
    i love gerard way!!!!! yes…..but he is the best of the world….
    sorry…the song is perfect…….

  13. si alguien k sepa español lee esto…..jajaja k sepa k los chicos de mcr son los mejores y k hagan la kansion k hagan siempre sera perfecta….
    gerard te amooooooo te amo demasiado!!!!!!!
    k bueno k hayas terminado con esa chica tan tonta…ahora estas disponible para mi…..jajajaja
    la cansion con liza minnelli es muy hermosa y me encanta…nada k agregar….un grupo como ellos y una artista de esa categoria dejan la vara alta para todos…jajajaja
    los amo!

  14. I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I’d never speak, awake and unafraid, ASLEEP OR DEAD! (I love that song so much!)

  15. My Chemical Romance are extremely talented, and fantastic towards their fans. The new album is amazing and they deserve every bit of success.

  16. Thier a million good things, none of which any of YOU know[except for me]ha ha haa…HAAA^_^

  17. Gerard of MCR is the most truly passionate artist i’ve seen. From the birth of a song’s lyrics to its performance on stage, Gerard invests his entire heart and soul. With every word, every breath, every look, MCR screams vision and passion. ~michelle ewald~

  18. Just so you know, My Chemical Romance are NOT a pop-punk band! Geez, it’s an insult to their name! And they do NOT have ‘pop songs’- that’s even WORSE!!!

    My chemical romance are the best band I have ever had the honour listening to! Gerard Way is so passionate about the music, and although I singled him out, Mikey, Bob, Frank and Ray are all passionate too. I know that they are grateful and appreciative to their fans, so please pay them some respect, and even if you dont like their music, you’ve never met THEM, and for all you know, they could be really nice guys, so stop with the shit about them already!

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