Fans Give Julian “Old Man” Casablancas Pleasure

How cute is this? Strokes fan Sandra over at thought of a great way to wish Julian Casablancas a very happy 28th birthday with a special website composed of photos of fans with their birthday greeting.

Elisa and Patty followed their lead and organized a group of fans called the “Non-Ryans” who didn’t make the first submission deadline to do the same. Julian saw these sites and sent them all this thank you photo:

julian happy birthday

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  1. yeah it was originally (sarah), actually) who came up with the idea. at the last minute(like the night before his b-day) my friend decided to make a a birthday page also personally from our little group since our picture didn’t get submitted on time to the other page. and that picture was sent to all others who made the other site and sent her, being Juliet, an email wishing the best to Jules on his special day.

    so yes, the credit should really go to sarah for coming up with the idea, we were just another group who followed her steps, not trying to jock or anything…

    and a breif “history” or whatever about the nonryans can be found on that website, where it says “why nonryans?”

    i know it’s a misunderstanding, since most thing it’s like an anti-ryan group, but it most deifantely isn’t. if you’d like to know, you can read how they got started.

    hope that clears a few things up

  2. first of all. i didn’t want to copy you, sandra. i thought it would be hard for me to send the video that we made julian** so i was going to make a simple page where they can go too. but at the end i decided to put something together. it was really a last minute thing.

    non-ryans know who they are and what the name stands for. if anyone wants to know then its in the site we made for julian. pretty much all our history is right there if anyone wants to know.

    ** video was only made just to see if .gif would work on slide shows since someone mentioned that they were gonna make a slide show and we were submitting a .gif

  3. “Elisa and Patty followed their lead and organized a group of fans called the “Non-Ryans” who didn’t make the first submission deadline to do the same.”

    I dont know what you meant in the quote above about not making the first submission deadline but this was only for the non-ryans to submit pictures and not for everyone.

  4. wtf!?

    how dare you say photoshopped!
    got that in a fukken email! sheeeeeeeeyat if you don’t believe it, than that’s you

  5. what the heck?? people need to stop being mean to the non-ryans!! its not their fault they are so damn awessomee!!

  6. 1. Hey, I came up with the send him all pics that we took segment. But, Sandra and the rest of was HUGEEEEEEEEEE in instrumenting the rest. I only thought of use taking pics for his bday.

    2. We all know, it’s not photoshopped

    3. yay wts!

  7. Hai guys,
    oh if only I knew at the time the existence of that site, I sure would have put something on it too. But here goes: I do hope Julian Casablancas will have many happy birthdays, and I wish I could be there with him

  8. ‘..I wish I could be there with him’

    and you think you are the only one?? what a bullshit wish. homo.

  9. Wooo! Get you “anonymous”. You’ve made my day with your post.

    Anyway, I’m only on here coz I love Mr. C too and I’m searching for new pictures for my desktop and came across this site. So just wanted to confirm that he IS the most beautiful man in the world.

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