Links for 2006-08-25

From ‘Project Runway’ to Airport Runway, Delta Launches ‘Flying in Style’ Promotion to Celebrate Sponsorship of Bravo’s Hit Reality TV Show: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
Flight attendants will award stylish passengers with SkyMiles certificates, Crown Room Club passes and coupons for the airline’s signature cocktails on select Delta flights from Aug. 23 through Sept. 6

iMedia Connection: Ford: Bold Moves Can’t Save a Weak Brand
Brand New World’s creative chief examines how even the most integrated of campaigns can’t sell you a product that has lost its relevance.

Urbanista Online
Guide to the best that NYC has to offer in services

The Housing Virgins of Manhattan – New York Times
The first apartment hunt is a rite of passage in the jungle that is Manhattan. For the newest New Yorkers, it is a crash course in street smarts.

Condoms Stay Faithful When Prevention Is the Goal – New York Times
The value of condoms goes far beyond disease prevention.

Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love Triangle – New York Times
As a threat to intimacy, electronic devices brought into the marital bed introduce a new kind of ménage à trois.

THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED By MANDY STADTMILLER – New York Post Online Edition: Entertainment
WE all have one. That song you can’t listen to because it’s the one that was playing when she broke your heart, or during that summer job you couldn’t stand, or during the dental operation you’d prefer to forget. Now there’s a Web site devoted to the conc

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The White Stripes’ fantasy